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2017 Wildfires

Incident Name Location Start Date Cause Acres Status
Trail Fork Fire

Greys River RD, BTNF

09-18-2017 Lightning 1/10


The Trail Fork Fire is located approximately 1 mile northeast of Cottonwood Lake and east of the Cottonwood Fire. This single tree fire is being monitored due to low spread potential and inclement weather, fire fighter safety is the number one objective.

Rowdy Creek Fire

Greys River RD, BTNF

09-18-2017 Human 1/10


38HX, Helitack fire personnel located an abandoned escaped campfire which had no rock ring and spread to 1/10 acre. Full suppression was taken on the human caused Rowdy Creek Fire. This fire was located in the Horse Creek drainage near Blind Bull Lake.

Green Knoll Fire

Jackson RD, BTNF

09-18-2017 Undetermined 1/10


This single tree fire is located within the Palisades Study Area and adjacent to the Caribou Targhee National Forest boundary. Fire behavior and spread potential is low and the fire cause is undermined at this time. Due to the steep slopes, low spread potential and incoming predicted weather forecasts, this fire is being monitored.

Cottonwood Fire

Greys River RD, BTNF

09-17-2017 Lightning 1/10


The Cottonwood Fire was approximately 1 mile northwest of Cottonwood Lake. Fire personnel responded to this single tree fire the sameday as the Thompson Peak Fire.

Little Red Fire

Jackson RD, BTNF

09-17-2017 Lightning 1/10


This fire was approximately 2 miles up the Little Red Creek drainage burning in sub alpine fir. Interagency Engine 4 responded to the fire and will continue full suppression on the small fire. This fire was a result from the passing thunderstorms on the 12th.

Thompson Peak Fire

Kemmerer RD, BTNF

09-17-2017 Lightning 1/10


The Thompson Peak Fire was one of multiple lightning caused fires reported after a lightning cell went through the area. This single tree fire was located on the Kemmerer Ranger District side of Mount Thompson north of Thompson Pass.

Cedar Creek Fire

Greys River RD, BTNF

09-12-2017 Human 1/10


E-631 from Greys River Ranger District responded to a report of a abandoned escaped campfire in the Cedar Creek area near the town of Star Valley Ranch. This fire was the result of someone building a campfire without a rock ring next to the main trail. The fire was burning in duff/litter, adjacent to a Cedar timber stand and grew to less than a 1/10 of an acre. The fire was contained, controlled and called out the same day 9/12.

Crystal Fire

Kemmerer RD, BTNF

09-10-2017 Human 1/10


Photo of the Lakeside fire showing burned vegetationThis fire was approximately 14 miles up the Smiths Fork drainage in a dispersed campsite and reported by forest personnel. It is the result of an escaped campfire and was smoldering in litter/duff adjacent to sub alpine fir. Engine 631 responded to the fire and performed full suppression. The fire was contained, controlled and called out the same day.

Travis Creek Fire

Kemmerer RD, BTNF

09-03-2017 Human 3/4


This fire was discovered on 9/3 on the 023 and 011 trail intersection south of LaBarge Meadows. It is the result of an abandoned/escaped campfire. The fire was contained at ¾ of an acre and 12 fire personel performed full suppression with a Helicopter and 3 Engine Crews. The fire was controlled and called out on 9/6.

Phillips Ridge Fire

Jackson RD, BTNF

08-30-2017 Lightning .05


Crews responded to a smoke report along Phillips Ridge on Teton Pass after the thunderstorm passed through the area. The fire was suppressed with the support from Engine 441.

Wolf Fire

Jackson RD, BTNF

08-21-2017 Human .05


Crews responded to a smoke report along Wolf Ridge via interagency helicopter 38HX. The fire cause was difficult to determine and satellite lightning maps did not reflect any lightning in the area within the past 76 hours. Due to the influx of visitors to the area for the total solar eclipse, it is believed the fire was started illegally by campers viewing the event from a top the ridge line.  The fire was suppressed and called out within 48 hours.

Sheffield Fire

Grand Teton National Park

08-17-2017 Human 0.1


An unattended campfire spread into adjacent wildland fuels. It was suppressed by an engine crew shortly after discovery.

Fisherman Fire

Big Piney RD, BTNF

08-15-2017 Lightning 1/10

Out 08-15-2017

Photo of the Lakeside fire showing burned vegetationThis fire was reported by a resident at Hoback Ranches on Tuesday afternoon. Engines from Big Piney and Pinedale Ranger Districts responded and called for assistance from the Forest Service helicopter. The fire was ignited by a lightning strike and burned in a small stand of trees. Crews were able to contain, control, and call the fire out by end of shift the same day.

Lightning tree photo

White Pine Fire

Greys River RD, BTNF

08-14-2017 Lightning 0.1


Engine 631 and Helicopter 38 responded to a lightning strike smoke report in the White Pine Creek area of Grover Park. The fire was contained and controlled on 8-14 and called out on 8-15.

Elk Fire

Grand Teton National Park

08-11-2017 Lightning 0.1


This single tree fire was discovered on Elk Island after an afternoon storm rolled through the area. Interagency wildland firefighters from Engine 4, Engine 441 and Engine 301 arrived by boat, determined the cause of the fire and began full fire suppression tactics. Firefighters will return and determine the fire out after scouting the area and ensuring no heat remains within the small fire's perimeter.

Pole Creek Fire

Kemmerer RD, BTNF

08-04-2017 Human 3,650

65% contained

Photo of the Pole Crk Fire showing smoke column and vegetationThe Pole Creek Fire is approximately 25-miles northwest of Kemmerer, WY. The fire is burning in an area with steep rugged terrain that includes a mix of grass, shrub, and timber with heavy dead and down and standing beetle-killed snags. Forest visitors are reminded to remain alert to both firefighters and engines working in the area. There is a Emergency Road Closure in place for the Pole Creek Fire. This closure is for public and firefighter safety. For more information contact Kemmerer Ranger District at 307-828-5100. Those spending time near the fire area are advised to stay alert to changing conditions. Hunters are advised that portions of bear, antelope, deer, elk, and moose hunt areas in the southeast Kemmerer Ranger District fall within the Bridger-Teton National Forest area closure. For more information please visit or call (307) 875-3223.

Emergecy Road Closure Order and Maps (issued September 15, 2017)

Rope Swing Fire

Fremont Lake, Pinedale RD, BTNF

08-06-2017 Human 1/10

Out 08-06-2017

This fire consisted of a single tree in Chambers Bay on Fremont Lake. Firefighters were shuttled by boat across the lake to initiate suppression actions. The public is reminded of the current high fire danger and the need to use extra caution with fire.

Lakeside Fire

Pinedale RD, BTNF

08-01-2017 Human 1/10

Out 08-01-2017

Photo of the Lakeside fire showing burned vegetationThis fire was discovered by hikers along the Lakeside Trail on the southwest side of Green River Lakes smoldering at the base of a tree. After dumping water on the smoking stump, the hikers reported the fire and firefighters were dispatched to extinguish it. The exact cause is unknown but appeared to be from a small warming fire.

Turpin Fire

Turpin Trailhead, Blackrock RD, BTNF

07-20-2017 Lightning 1/10

Out 07-25-2017

Afternoon thunderstorms rolling through the Teton area ignited this small wildfire located less than two miles from the Turpin trailhead area. Teton Interagency initial attack fire engine number four located the fire and began fire suppression tactics.  The fire was contained the same day and fire responders returned with a pump and hose to help support mop-up operations.

Warm Springs

National Elk Refuge

07-12-2017 Human 1/10

Out 07-13-2017

A thrown drive train from a truck ignited grass thatch and sagebrush on the National Elk Refuge at the junction of Warm Springs Road and the east side of Highway 89, south of the Grand Teton National Park entrance sign and north of Fish Hatchery Hill. Initial fire spread diminished when available fuels were consumed and winds calmed, so the fire was difficult to locate. Wildland fire responders from Teton Interagency Fire located the fire an hour after the initial report of smoke, and found the drive train (which was returned to the driver of the disabled truck) and the smoke. The fire was called out on July 13. More information at the National Elk Refuge website.
Burnt Lake

Pinedale RD, BTNF

06-11-2017 Human 1/10

Out 06-11-2017

This abandoned campfire was discovered Sunday morning by an off duty Forest Service firefighter Near Burnt Lake. The fire was not in a ring and had spread to approximately one tenth of an acre. Engine 671 was dispatched to the location and they extinguished the fire.
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