In 2017 several members of the Teton Area Wildfire Protection Coalition put in for a GYCC grant to develop four videos. The intent was to develop video clips and animated media to help communicate our Fire Adapted Community goals to the public. Specifically, the three tenets of the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy

TAWPC - Teton Area Wildfire Protection Coalition

Video: A Homeowners' Guide to Wildland Fire Protection brought to you by the Teton Area Wildfire Protection Coalition - TAWPC

The following fire prevention message was developed by Randy Newburg, the well know and respected hunter and podcast developer, and in partnership with Teton Interagency fire staff. The lesson was developed in response to the dozen of abandoned camp/warming fires, detected in the Teton interagency fire response area. The significance is helpful anytime of the season and for all audiences wanting to build a campfire, responsibly and safely!

Video: Wildfire Prevention Tips for Hunters - Randy Newburg, Hunter

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