Our Mission:  To provide Bridger-Teton National Forest Medical Providers with quality medical oversight and support. This oversight and support encompasses a standard medical credential, direction and education system to provide care for employees, cooperators and the public.

Our Vision:  To provide Bridger-Teton National Forest Medical Providers with solid medical oversight, training, pre-planning in order for our multi-faceted forest to conduct safe and efficient service. We will strive to foster and nurture our relationship with our interagency EMS partners, enabling us to provide our patients a seamless transfer to definitive care.

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Bridger-Teton NF - EMS Program

  • Emergency Medical Response Plan
  • EMS Program FAQs
  • White Card Instructions (password protected)
  • White Card Application (password protected)
  • Emergency Medical Responder EMR Protocols (password protected)
  • Emergency Medical Technician EMT Protocols (password protected)