NOTICE: 12/05 Firefighters from the Pinedale Ranger District are burning slash piles in the Skyline Drive area. Smoke may be visible from Pinedale and surrounding area.

Apply Now! Grand Teton National Park is hiring Wildland Firefighters for 2020 season. This vacancy covers positions on Engine Crew, Fire Module, and Helitack

The National Park Service is recruiting for a variety of temporary positions across the country for the upcoming 2020 visitor season.  See information in the flyer below for seasonal positions at over 400 national parks across the U.S.

NPS 2020 Summer Seasonal Outreach



The time to ignite is right with the new precipitation and predicted weather coming into the Teton area. Over the next few days, smoke maybe visible in the Hoback/Cottonwood areas as fuels managers start to eliminate debris piles.pile burn_0.JPG

When igniting piles, fire managers follow rules and guidance as required in a signed planning document called the  " 2019 Zone Pile Burn Plan". The Pile Plan requires several steps be taken before fire is set to the piles. Such parameters as the previous and predicated weather over the area, number of staff to safely conduct burning, contacts to made with neighboring partners and dispatches, required holding tools in place, such as a hose lay if needed to cool the pile.

You too have steps needed to be taken if you are going to burn. To learn more about burning questions and local burn weeks, visit your local County Fire website. Make sure you know if you can have an open burn or not! Teton County regulations and information


Wildland and Prescribed Fire Map

Sjhoberg Creek

42.87, -110.56
Prescribed Fire

East Zone Pile Burning

42.975608, -109.750883
Prescribed Fire

Whitegrass Piles

43.6525, -110.7722
Prescribed Fire

Arizona Creek

43.9769, -110.6441
Prescribed Fire