TIDC Dispatch Area Preparedness

Current Indices – 06/21/19  0926




Staffing Level

Prep Level


Forecast ERC Forecast BI
Teton 27 43 2 1 FDR Image Low.png 22 30
Wind 28 40 2 1 FDR Image Low.png 24 35
Wyoming 24 24 2 1 FDR Image Low.png 25 40

ERC = Energy Release Component, BI = Burning Index, SL = Staffing Level, Prep Level/PL = Preparedness Level, FDR = Fire Danger Rating,

Fire Danger Rating Area (FDRA) Map



Wyoming Partners Adopt a Statewide Prescribed Fire Council

In December of 2018, representatives from county, state, federal and nonprofit natural resource management groups met to establish the Wyoming Prescribed Fire Council (WY-PFC) as a statewide, nonprofit prescribed fire organization. The mission of the council is to protect and support the use of prescribed fire as a land management tool in Wyoming. Read More

If you are interested in supporting this council as a member or just want more information please contact WYprescribedfire@gmail.com or visit our website https://wyoextension.org/wyprescribedfire/

Wildland and Prescribed Fire Map