11/22 - Pile burning is still taking place in areas across the Teton Interagency. For more information, read the full news article.

Seasonal recruitment for Forestry Technicians in Grand Teton NP has opened for the 2022 fire season.  The following announcements have been posted on USA Jobs.

These announcements will be used to fill vacancies on multiple engines, Teton Helitack, and the Teton Wildland Fire Module.

Wildland Firefighter (Forestry Aid/Technician)GS-0462-03/04/05 - vacancy number NPS-FIRE-2022-003-DE

Wildland Firefighter (Forestry Technician), GS-0462-07 - vacancy number NPS-FIRE-2022-005-DHA

These announcements will be used to fill fire dispatchers in the Teton Interagency Dispatch Center.

Fire Logistics Dispatcher, GS-2151-04/05 - vacancy number NPS-FIRE-2022-007-DHA

Fire Dispatch (Forestry Technician), GS-0462-05 - vacancy number NPS-FIRE-2022-008-DHA

Some of the announcements cover a range of units and duty stations.  Be sure to select Grand Teton National Park if given the option to be considered for NPS positions in the Teton Interagency Fire program.

These recruitment efforts either close or have a cut-off date of 12/14/2021.  To ensure your application is considered, submit all required documentation prior to the closing or cut-off date listed on the specific announcement.

2022 NPS seasonal Forestry Tech positions open!

Sufficient winter weather conditions exist to allow fire personnel on the Bridger-Teton National Forest and Grand Teton National Park to begin annual slash pile burning. Pile burning will occur in multiple locations across the Park and Forest. 

10/27 Press Release: Fuel Reduction Burns Planned in Grand Teton NP

10/25/21 Press Release: Slash Pile Burning Happening on the East Zone of the Bridger-Teton NF

10/19/21 Press Release:  Bridger-Teton NF Will Burn Piles this Fall

Fuels Reduction Project Information


Teton Interagency Personnel Have Begun Burning Slash Piles

Teton Interagency Fire will be hiring numerous temporary/seasonal positions for the 2022 fire season. Positions are available with both the National Park Service and US Forest Service at a variety of pay rates, duty stations and job duties.

Forestry Technicians GS-0462 fill vacancies on wildland fire engines, a helitack crew and a wildland fire module. Forestry Techs are hired at Kemmerer, Afton, Big Piney, Pinedale, Jackson, Moose, Colter Bay, and Moran, WY.

Biological Science Technicians GS-0404 fill vacancies on the Fire Effects Monitoring Crew. The Fire Effects Crew works out of Moose, WY.

Initial Attack/Logistics Dispatchers GS-2151 fill positions in the Teton Interagency Dispatch Center. TIDC is located in Moose WY.

Crews are interagency in nature and serve a blended fire and aviation management program. In some cases (Jackson, Moose, and Moran) both agencies fill seasonal vacancies on the same module. For maximum consideration employees are encouraged to apply under both the US Forest Service and National Park Service announcements.

USFS temporary recruitment has concluded for the time being.

NPS temporary Forestry Tech recruitment is currently open and is scheduled to close on 12/14/21.open 11/22/21 and close 12/14/21

NPS temporary Bio Tech recruitment will open 12/20/21 and close on 1/11/22

NPS temporary Dispatcher recruitment is currently open and is scheduled to close on 12/14/21.

All announcements will be available on the USA Jobs website.

Teton Interagency Seasonal Hiring Information

WESTERN Wyo., September 21, 2021 Phase 2 of The Monument Ridge Vegetation and Recreation Management project is currently underway. The project area is located on the Big Piney Ranger District of the Bridger-Teton National Forest near the town of Bondurant. The habitat/fuels treatment area is within the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) where Monument Ridge borders the western edge of the treatment area and the residential area along the Hoback River borders the eastern edge. To read the entire story click here

Monument Ridge Project Underway

Wildland and Prescribed Fire Map