Incident Name Location Start Date Cause Acres Status
West Crossing National Elk Refuge, Highway 89 07-25-2014 Human 0.1 Out 07/25/2014

Teton Interagency fire crews responded to a small roadside fire on Friday afternoon, July 25, several miles north of Jackson along Highway 89. Both Teton Interagency Fire Dispatch and the Teton County Sheriff’s Office received a number of calls shortly after noon regarding a possible fire north of the Grand Teton National Park south boundary sign at the top of Fish Hatchery Hill. 

Passersby on Highway 89 took initial action, pulling off on the side of the highway to attempt to extinguish the small fire before it grew. The West Crossing fire was located immediately adjacent to the Highway 89 road surface, and though the specific cause of the fire could not be determined, it was declared human caused. The fire blackened a 4 ft. x 20 ft. area and was officially declared out at 1:30 pm.

Scab Creek

Scab Creek WSA, High Desert District, Pinedale BLM 07-24-2014 Lightning 0.25 Monitor

This fire is burning in timber, brush, and grass in steep, inaccessible terrain in the Silver Creek drainage approximately 11 miles east of Boulder, Wyo. The fire is located in the Scab Creek Wilderness Study Area, about 150 yards from the Bridger-Teton NF's Bridger Wilderness boundary. Due to firefighter safety concerns, this fire will be in monitor status unless fire activity increases. The public is urged to use caution or avoid the area entirely since fire behavior can change suddenly and fire spread is unpredictable if high winds develop.

Volunteer Smiths Fork, Greys River Ranger District, BTNF 07-23-2014 Human 0.8 Out
The Volunteer Fire was reported at 4:30 on 7-23. Afton Vounteer Fire Department from Lincoln County and Engine 631 from Greys River Ranger District responded to the fire, which was located approximately 1/2 mile on the Smiths Fork road. The fire was an abandoned campfire that spotted and spread outside of the fire ring and grew to approimately 1/8 of an acre in size.

Bang Creek

Bang Creek, Jackson Ranger District, BTNF 07-21-2014 Lightning 66 Monitor

Interagency fire helicopter 25Xray flew the Bang Creek incident to evaluate active fire behavior following a couple of days of cloud cover and moisture over the area. The fire continues to creep and smolder with little to no new growth added to the perimeter. Predicted weather over the fire on Thursday calls for the possibility of isolated thunderstorms with Friday and Saturday having a bit of a higher chance for thunderstorms. Otherwise, the fire can expect mostly sunny skies, fairly seasonal temps, a chance of light measurable rainfall, and light winds. IC Lancaster has taken command of the fire and will continue to monitor and update fire managers and fire information.

This fire is located in the Bacon Ridge area of the Jackson Ranger District. Fire Managers neighboring forest land managers and allowed to play its natural role on the landscape as identified in Land Management Plans for resource objectives. Natural lightning caused fires can be used as an effective tool to achieve and maintain healthy forests. A fire such as the Bang Creek Fire operates within the natural historical fire pattern, frequency and intensity that prevail in this area. Currently, there are no trail or area closures for the fire. Smoke maybe visible from New Fork and Green River Lakes once warmer and drier weather returns to the region.


Jackson Ranger District, BTNF 07-14-2014 Lightning 13 Monitor

Teton interagency fire staff continues to monitor the fire’s activity remotely with the aid of a web camera located east of the fire. There is a new smoke east of the ridgeline in the Station Creek drainage most likely due to a roll out or flying ember. The new smoke is situated adjacent to a natural barrier of barren soil on steep terrain. The 13 acre fire continues to creep and smolder with little new growth. Predicted weather over the fire on Thursday calls for the possibility of isolated thunderstorms with Friday and Saturday having a bit of a higher chance for thunderstorms. Otherwise, the Wolf Fire can expect mostly sunny skies, fairly seasonal temps, a chance of light measurable rainfall, and light winds. IC Williams has taken command of the fire and will continue to monitor and update fire managers and cooperators.

The lightning caused fire has moderate spread potential as it burns within the Palisades Wilderness Study Area. The fire is located on the upper slope of the ridgeline between Wolf and Station Creeks, approximately 1.5 miles north of Highway 26/89 in the Snake River Canyon.  The terrain is steep and rugged and has numerous natural barriers to fire spread including rock and sparsely vegetated slopes, aspen stands, and tall forb meadows.  Smoke may be visible from the Snake River corridor at times. In cooperation with partners and stakeholders, the fire is being managed to safely allow the natural ecological role of fire to rejuvenate aspen stands and improve big game habitat consistent with land management plan resource objectives, with the least exposure to incident responders and members of the public. 

Crescent Jackson Ranger District, BTNF 07-14-2014 Lightning 0.10 Out 07-15-2014

The small Crescent fire on the Jackson Ranger District was ignited when severe lightning storms tracked over Jackson WY. on the evening of July 14th.  One of two positive ground strikes in the area is responsible for the small Crescent Fire located west of the Crescent H subdivision in the Fall Creek area.  A lightning map of the area recorded approximately 80 strikes within a 24 hour period inside the Palisades Wilderness Study Area alone.  Interagency firefighters responding to the small fire in the interior of the Green Knoll fire, reported the fire size up as “low threat of fire spread potential”. The threat of low spread and decline of active fire behavior is attributed to the burning and reduction of the forest fuels build-up which was a direct result of the active Green Knoll Fire in August of 2001. The occurrence of large fires can act as a natural break by reducing years of fuels build up and thereby lowering the likelihood of another potentially large wildland fire for many years to come.  The Crescent Fire is the third unwanted fire Interagency Fire managers have responded to in the Fall Creek, Teton Pass area this 2014 fire season.

Badger Sublette County, WY 07-12-2014 Lightning 0.10 Out 07-13-2014
This fire was discovered burning in mixed conifer just off the Forest boundary along Badger Creek approximately one mile east of the Flying A Ranch. Teton Interagency Fire Engine 671 assisted Sublette County firefighters in suppressing the fire.
712 Road Pinedale Ranger District, BTNF 07-12-2014 Lightning 0.10 Out 07-12-2014
This fire was discovered between Battleship Mountain and Kendall Mountain in the Upper Green River area burning in heavy timber. Firefighters from Engine 671 hiked in and extinquished the fire.
Spruce Greys River Ranger District, BTNF 07-11-2014 Human 0.10 Out 07-12-2014
The Spruce Fire is located in Spruce Hollow approximately 2 miles east of Grover Park, WY. The fire is approximately 10' x 10'. The fire was smoldering in light timber and brush. Firefighters from Engine 631 suppressed the fire.
Red Mountain Greys River Ranger District, BTNF 07-10-2014 Lightning 0.10 Contained 07-11-2014
Teton Interagency firefighters responded to a smoke report south of Red Top Mountain. The fire is approximately 10' x 10' burning in a single snag and smoldering in surrounding grass and brush. Due to very steep terrain the helicopter was unable to land upon locating the fire. Firefighters from Engine 631 hiked in to the fire the following day and contained it. The crew will continue to monitor the status of the fire over the next several days. No smoke visible.
Eagles Rest West of Jackson Lake, GTNP 07-03-2014 Lightning 0.25 Out 07-13-2014
Teton Interagency firefighters responded July 3 to a smoke report west of Jackson Lake at the southeast base of Eagles Rest. The fire was ignited by lighting and is within the Fire Use Zone identified in Grand Teton National Park's Fire Management Plan. The fire is being monitored and managed for multiple objectives. Fire spread is limited by live green fuels and by reduced fuel loading near the fire, which is burning within the Moran Bay Fire in 2000. The fire area received an estimated half inch of rain and was declared out on July 13.
Stewart Draw Death Canyon, GTNP 06-22-2014 Lightning 0.25 Out 07-07-2014
Teton Interagency firefighters responded June 22 to a smoke report east of Stewart's Draw and approximately 1 mile north of Death Canyon trailhead, in Grand Teton National Park. During a fast-moving thunderstorm, lightning ignited a single Douglas-fir tree and ground fuels at its base. The fire is burning in a dead tree hanging in the forest canopy and in the forest litter and fallen logs. The Stewart Draw Fire is within the Fire Use Zone identified in Grand Teton National Park's Fire Management Plan and is being managed for multiple objectives. The fire will be monitored while planning efforts continue. Cloudy and cooler weather will likely limit fire growth.
Alder Pow Wow Peak, BTNF 06-23-2014 Lightning 0.1 Out 07-
Interagency fire Helicopter 25X flew the Alder fire after sizing up the Red Creek fire on 6/23 and was unable to report any fire activity or smoke within the fire area. The Alder fire was detected when hikers in the Ann Mountain area reported a smoke in the Willow and Alder Creek drainages on 6/14, four miles south of Hoback Junction and one mile east of Pow Wow Peak on the Jackson Ranger District. The landscape within the drainage is very difficult to access safely for firefighters and will be managed for firefighter safety and to revitalize aspen stands for the improvement of big game habitat. A helicopter reconnaissance flight measured the fire’s size, less than an acre, smoldering in heavy timber with very low spread potential. A lightning map from the evening of June 12th confirmed multiple strikes in the area and was the same storm responsible for igniting the Beaver Fire and 4 other small fires in the region. 
Pole Creek 50 mi NE Kemmerer, BTNF 06-10-2014 Prescribed 150 Out 07-07-2014
The fire was called out on July 7th. Crews will continue to monitor the fire over the next few weeks for interior smoke and hotspots . The closure order has been lifted and the public is advised to use caution when entering into the fire areas, as snags and burned out stumps may be present. The Pole Creek Fire is located in a remote area, approximately 50 miles northeast of Kemmerer. The Pole Creek burn was converted to a wildfire after a dry cold front came across Wyoming, on the afternoon of June 10th.
Red Creek Hoback Canyon, BTNF 06-22-2014 Lightning 0.1 Out 06-24-2014
Interagency Helicopter 25X and 4 helitack members responded to a smoke near Red Creek, south of Hoback Junction of the Jackson Ranger District. The lightning caused fire is approximately one tenth of an acre, burning a tree snag and under full suppression action.  The helicopter is available to help firefighters with bucket drop as needed.
Antelope Shadow Mountain, BTNF 06-07-2014 Human 9.5 Out 06-20-2014
Fire resources from the Bridger-Teton National Forest and Grand Teton National Park responded to a report of a smoke on Shadow Mountain north of Jackson, on the afternoon of June 7th. Primarily burning in aspen understory of thatch grass and dead logs, the early season fire grew to over 9 acres before firefighters and the local interagency helicopter where able to completely secure fire line around the perimeter. The Incident Commander called the fire contained at 2035 on June 8th. Fire resources will continue to mop-up hotspots over the next few days. The incident is under investigation for fire cause. Anyone with information that may be helpful is asked to call 307-739-5424
Boulder Boulder Lake Estates, Pinedale RD, BTNF 06-12-2014 Lightning 0.3 Out 06-15-2014
A lightning storm passing through the region on the evening of June 12th, kindled a new 0.3 acre fire on the Pinedale Ranger District. The zone Fire Manager and Engine 421 responded to the fire near the Boulder Lake Estates. Upon fire size up, fire crews were advised to suppress the flames burning in sage and grass. The fire danger rating in the Teton Interagency region had been elevated to moderate; earlier the same day. Fire staff will look at lightning maps and patrol areas for other possible new fires from the storm.
Black Canyon Phillips Ridge, Jackson RD, BTNF 06-12-2014 Lightning 0.1 Out 06-14-2014
Interagency Fire Engine 3, stationed out of Moose WY. in Grand Teton National Park, is currently responding to the Phillips Ridge area on Teton Pass to a reported smoke. The Black Canyon Fire was reported by members of the public recreating in the area. Fire size upon size up was .10 acre with very low spread potential and smoldering in a mixed stand of broken timber. The fire was one of four new lightning caused fires sparked by a cold front and dry thunderstorms tracking over the area the evening of June 12th. All current fires from the storm are under full fire suppression response.
Bacon Bacon Ridge, Pinedale RD, BTNF 06-13-2014 Lightning 0.1 Out 06-14-2014
The Bacon Fire is located atop Bacon Ridge in a remote area of northern portion of the Pinedale Ranger District. After a flurry of new lightning caused fires in the interagency area, the Bacon Fire was found burning in a stand of open timber. Two firefighters are on fire scene after aerial delivery by helicopter and suppressing the tenth of an acre fire.
Beaver Southeast of Hoback Junction, BTNF 06-13-2014 Lightning 0.1 Out 06-14-2014
The Beaver Fire is approximately 5 miles southeast of Hoback Junction on the Jackson Ranger District. The start of this lightning fire was witness by residents of the Bryan Flats guard station on the evening of June 12th as a lightning storm struck the Beaver Mountain area. Teton Interagency helicopter 25HX delivered one Teton Helitack member and one Engine 441 firefighter to suppress the smoldering single tree fire. The Beaver Mountain prescribed fire (RX) perimeter is located directly adjacent of this new fire start. The RX primary objective is to create a defensible space for the Bryan Flats community in the event of a fire, similar to the new Beaver wildfire, during the height of fire season.
Coal Canyon Munger Mountain, Jackson RD, BTNF 05-24-2014 Lightning 0.1 Out 05-24-2014
On May 24th, the Coal Canyon fire was the first detected lightning caused fire of the 2014 fire season. The fire was reported by a local homeowner from the Munger Mountain area within the Jackson Ranger District after a late afternoon thunderstorm passed over the area. Interagency wildland fire engine 441, located the fire burning in a lodgepole pine snag, close to a small creek. The 441 engine crew reported the highlight on this incident was having the neighborhood kids' visit and touring the fire engine after the fire was suppressed. The fire was declared contained and out the same evening.
Flat Antler Fires Flat Creek, Jackson RD, BTNF 05-01-2014 Human 0.1 Out 05-01-2014
Several small abandoned campfires where suppressed in the Flat Creek drainage of the Jackson Ranger District on the morning of May 1st. The five warming fires where all started by hikers keeping warm after a long, cold night of searching for antlers in the previously designated winter closure area. May 1st is the first date the public is able to access the special closure areas since the Special Order's effective date of December 1st.