Local Fire Information: Red indicates active fire. Sort by name, size, or status by clicking on the column headers.

Local Wildfire Information

Start Date (YEAR): 2021
Fire Name Acres Cause Location Start Date Status
Refuge 1 0.10 Human National Elk Refuge Controlled
Soda Lake Fire 96.00 Undetermined Big Piney Ranger District Active
Fox Fire 0.50 Lightning Blackrock Ranger District Out
Stewart Creek Fire 0.15 Lightning Greys River Ranger District Contained
Estella Fire 0.75 Lightning Kemmerer Ranger District Out
Poker Hollow Fire 2.00 Lightning Kemmerer Ranger District Monitor
Rock 0.25 Lightning Pinedale Ranger District Out
Shale Creek Fire 189.00 Undetermined Kemmerer Ranger District, Bridger-Teton NF. Contained
Pacific Creek II 0.10 Lightning Blackrock Ranger District, BTNF Contained
Pacific Creek 0.10 Lightning Pacific Creek Corridor in the Teton Wilderness on the Blackrock Ranger District, BTNF Out
Wolf Creek 0.10 Lightning Wolf Ridge, Hoback area on the Jackson Ranger District, BTNF Out
West Hoback Fire 0.10 Lightning Out
Pinyon Ridge 0.10 Lightning BTNF, Pinedale Ranger District Out
Bearpaw 0.10 Human Grand Teton National Park Out
Gros Ventre 0.10 Human Grand Teton National Park Out
Elkhart 0.10 Human BTNF Pinedale Ranger District near Elkhart Park Out
Cottonwood 0.10 Powerline Grand Teton National Park Out
Rock Creek Fire 0.01 Lightning Jackson Ranger District, Munger Mountain Out
Fremont 1.00 Human BTNF, Pinedale RD near Fremont Lake Out
Sweeney Creek 2.20 Human Pinedale RD Out