The following Fire Weather / Fire Danger Outlooks are made with the most recent weather data available. It is a general report intended to provide fire management personnel with an area wide outlook. Due to the variability in the data and the weather computer model limitations, it is important for the local fire manager to know their own area of responsibility.

Other Geographic Areas

Alaska 7-Day Monthly

Nat'l 4-Month

Eastern 7-Day Weekly 3-Month
Great Basin 7-Day 4-Month 4-Month PPT
Northern California 7-Day 4-Month 4-Month Hawai'i
Northern Rockies 7-Day 4-Month Video
Northwest 7-Day 4-Month Video
Rocky Mountain 7-Day 4-Month Nat'l 4-Month
Southern 7-Day 4-Month Nat'l 4-Month
Southwest 7-Day Monthly Season
Southern California 7-Day Monthly Nat'l 4-Month
National Interagency Coordination Center 7-Day Nat'l Outlooks Page 4-Month