Operations Northern California (ONCC) has developed information for individuals who are arriving at the coordination center on temporary duty assignments. This information will give individuals an overview of our basic operational procedures, staffing contacts, and the compound layout.

Information Package...this packet has been designed to aide visitors with information on NOPS and the Redding area.

Northern California Service Center Layout...this is a map of the NCSC site.

Redding Weather...Redding can get very hot, especially during mid-June thru early September. The all-time high of 118 degrees in Redding is rarely reached. But it is common on any given year during a warm spell to have 12 to 15 days over 100 degrees. Summer weather is hot and dry, with the temperatures in the high 90's. Maximums can be considerably highter. Winter weather can be rainy and windy but extreme cold is not usual, with temperatures in the low 30's. Elevation is 500 feet.

Directions to NOPS...Northern California Service Center is accessible from Highways 44, 299, and Interstate 5. Air, rail, and bus transportation are available to the Redding area. Transportation from the Redding Airport (RDD) to Redding is taxi cab, motel limousine or, call North Ops at 530-226-2801 for further assistance.

Hotels/Restaurants...Hotels and restaurants listed are located near the Northern California Coordination Center.

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