This means the cause of the fire is not yet determined but suspected human caused.

Colburn II

This small fire was detected while the Interagency helicopter was responding to a smoke report on the Greys River District. No lightning has been detected in the area and fire investigators are looking into the fire cause. Less than 10'x10' the fire is burning along a ridge line in the Colburn Creek drainage. Two firefighters are suppressing the fire and will call the fire out before they leave the fire area.

Saddle Butte Fire

The fire is in a patrol status with the support from the local fire staff.

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New Fork

UPDATE: 8/8 9:79 - The New Fork Fire has been declared out and all resources have been released from the fire.

8/5 11:15 am - Fire managers gridded the burn using infrared thermal technology and detected no heat. The area did receive a trace of moisture overnight. Crews will continue to check the fire and mop up any hotspots.

8/4 4:42 - The fire is now controlled. Crews will continue to monitor for fire activity.

2:18 pm - The fire is 100% contained at this time. Remaining resources are mopping up the fire. 

Moose Fire

9/28 PM -- The Moose Fire was declared out today, Friday, September 28, 2018. No further updates will be posted here.

9/27 PM -- Although this fire is 100 percent contained, it remains in patrol status (daily or every other day). Heat could persist in the foot-thick duff, so while the fire is highly unlikely to spread, it will not be declared out until patrolling firefighters don’t observe any smoke for a few consecutive days.

9/27 AM -- The Moose Fire is in patrol status today.

Irish Fire

09/27, PM - The 9-acre fire was declared out this afternoon. The fire will no longer be staffed or monitored. Irish Canyon Road is open. No further updates will be posted here.

09/27, AM - Firefighters remained on the Irish Fire overnight and will monitor the fire today, mopping up any remaining hot spots today. They plan to leave the 100-percent contained fire this afternoon.