This means the cause of the fire is not yet determined but suspected human caused.

Twin Lake Fire

A Twin Falls helicopter has delivered two firefighters adjacent to the fire area. This fire is under a full suppression strategy and burning in a mixture of heavy dead and down fuels. The helicopter will support resources on the ground with water drops from a bucket. Fire spread potential is moderate, and cause has not been determined.

Willow Creek Fire

8/18 - The fire received rain overnight and was called out.

A swift response from local fire staff helped to catch the Willow Creek fire and prevent it from growing. Firefighters have completed a control line around the fire’s perimeter and will now focus on holding that line and working to eliminate any fire threats within the perimeter of the fire. Resources include county and federal fire engines and the local interagency fire helicopter.

Pilgrim Creek Fire

October, 19th-All seems quite within the fire perimeter. Recent weather has inhibited any new growth with any fire activity limited to smoldering duff, stumps or logs. Before managers can make the decision to call they fire out much needs moisture is still needed and the fire is not likely to be called out until the area receives at least 2 inches of snow.

Swinging Bridge

09/09- Crews will continue to remove the hose lay around the fires perimeter and scout for any remaining heat, which is not likely after the weather over the area the last two days.  Thank-you to our partners and the JH community for your help and support during this incident.

09/08 09:00 - The fire is now 85% contained and firefighter continue mop-up efforts. Mop-up photo

Smoky Hollow Fire

Located approximately 6 miles southwest of Wilson, Wyoming, just above the Mosquito Creek drainage. The fire is under a full suppression strategy. Containment is at 95%. The fire show's little to no fire activity and remains on the ridge line just west of the Bridger-Teton Forest boundary. Caribou Targhee fire managers have placed the fire in a patrol status due to impacts from weather and the suppression tactics over the last two weeks.

Shoal Creek

Thanks to Sublette County Unified Fire for their support on the fire and for sharing photos taken (Ron Ruckman, Kevin Mitchell)

09/07 - The Incident Commander declared the fire controlled last night 5 pm. Crews continue to check the fire for heat and are expecting weather in the next few days to have a positive affect on any remaining hotspots within the fire perimeter.

09/08 - The fire was declared out at 2 pm today.

Colburn II

This small fire was detected while the Interagency helicopter was responding to a smoke report on the Greys River District. No lightning has been detected in the area and fire investigators are looking into the fire cause. Less than 10'x10' the fire is burning along a ridge line in the Colburn Creek drainage. Two firefighters are suppressing the fire and will call the fire out before they leave the fire area.

Saddle Butte Fire

The fire is in a patrol status with the support from the local fire staff.

The interagency fire group has had a busy fire season working together to protect the community of Teton County, now it your turn as homeowners to take the step needed to ensure you at prepared be for the next READY Nixel! Take time to learn more about your role as a member of a Fire Adapted Community and to be prepared in Ready, Set ,Go!  

New Fork

UPDATE: 8/8 9:79 - The New Fork Fire has been declared out and all resources have been released from the fire.

8/5 11:15 am - Fire managers gridded the burn using infrared thermal technology and detected no heat. The area did receive a trace of moisture overnight. Crews will continue to check the fire and mop up any hotspots.

8/4 4:42 - The fire is now controlled. Crews will continue to monitor for fire activity.

2:18 pm - The fire is 100% contained at this time. Remaining resources are mopping up the fire.