Elk Meadows

Teton Interagency Fire personnel with engine, E-411 and Boise Smokejumpers are suppressing a 3 acre fire. This fire is located 3.5 miles  south southeast of Hams Fork Campground.

Due to more accurate mapping, the fire is 1 acre in size and additional fire personnel joined and are continuing to improve containment line. 

The Elk Meadow Fire was called out 9/28/2022

Moffat Fire

Smoke from the Moffat Fire was spotted from Helicopter 35HX when responding to a smoke report today which became the Cabin Creek Fire.

The Moffat fire is approximately 1/10 acre and cause is undetemined at this time. Teton Interagency fire personnel, E-411 crew, will hike into the fire and take suppression action, which will involve a containment line around the fire and suppress interior fire, hot spots.


The Moffat Fire was called controlled and out 09/20/2022


Cabin Creek Fire

Helicopter 35HX and E-411 responded to a smoke report west of Meadows Guard Station after receiving a report from the public. The fire is loacated approximately 1.3 miles north of the Cabin Creek Lookout cabin, 1/10 acre in size and cause is undetemined at this time. The helicopter, Teton Interagency Helitack crew are completeing bucket drops on the fire. Fire is smoldering and creeping in grass and light timber with low spread potential. 

A second fire was detected in the Moffat Creek area directly after finding the Cabin Creek Fire.

Corral Creek Fire

The Corral Creek Fire is  near Corral Creek in the Salt River Range, approximately 3 miles south south-east of Mount Fitzpatrick. Two fire fighters have responed and are suppressing this fire which is less than a 1/10 acre fire. 

09/08/2022 Contained

09/09/2022 estimated Conotrolled and Out 

Willow Fork Fire

Helicopter 35HX and Engine 671, responded to a smoke report in the McDougal Pass area on Labor Day, September 5th. Five fire personnel are on scene suppressing the fire at thistime. The Willow Fork Fire is 3/4 of an acre in size and has been contained and cotrolled. This fire is the third fire on the Greys River Ranger District in the last week and are all under investigation. 

Corral Fire

Teton Interagency Fire personnel, engine E631 and helicopter H35HX responded to a smoke report in the Corral Creek Lake area late afternoon, today, September 1st.  

The fire is creeping and smoldering, is 1/10 acre in size and cause of fire is undeterminded at this time. Fire personnel will take full suppression action starting with a containment line around the fire. 

The Corral Fire has been contained, controlled and called out. 








Middle Fire

Due to the size of this fire upon initial attack, it is believed the Middle fire was a holdover from storms passing through the area a few days prior to detection. A commercial pilot flying into the JH airport spotted the fire located in a remote area of Ditch Creek, on the Jackson Ranger district. Helicopter 35X equipped with a bucket helped to support 6 firefighters on the ground with full suppression tactics. 

Flagstaff Fire

The Flagstaff fire was detected with the help of Friends of the BT Bear Ambassadors and Blackrock support staff on the evening of 8/20 from the Four Mile area. With bucket support from interagency helicopter 35 HX, firefighters worked with bucket drops to completely suppress the single tree fire.

The interagency fire response area has received several lightning strikes over the past few days and any early detection help from visitors to public lands is helpful and appreciated.