Fire Danger Low

The primary objectives for these burns is to improve forage conditions for wildlife habitat, decrease fuel build-up reducing potential of high risk wildfires, and restore fire to the landscape to play a more historical and natural role in the environment.

2016 Prescribed Fires:

Gros Ventre Rx one year post burn
Photo of Gros Ventre Prescribed fire area one year post burn showing grass and wildflowers

Wildlife has evolved with fire and is not generally frightened by it. Numerous elk, mule deer, moose and bighorn sheep have been viewed foraging and resting within the burn mosaic of the Bull Fire without showing signs of fright or discontent. Because of enhanced nutritional values, we fully expect the burn to serve as an added attractant for wildlife to an already wildlife rich landscape.

Cottonwood II Rx
Cottonwood II Rx Unit 11 on Nylander Creek - photo M. Gocke WYG&F

Photo by Mark Gocke, WYG&F