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Modules - Duty Stations

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Fire Module - Blackrock Ranger Station, Moran WY

Photo of 2012 fuels crew

The Teton Fire Module is interagency in its composition and mission, working for the Bridger-Teton National Forest and Grand Teton National Park. It specializes in fuels reduction projects, hazard tree removal, wildland fire suppression, prescribed fire preparationand implementation, and managing fire for resource benefit.

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Fire Effects - Grand Teton National Park Headquarters - Moose, Wyoming

Photo of firefighter with smoke column in background

The Fire Effects Crew is a part of the Teton Interagency Fire Program, which is responsible for managing fire at Grand Teton National Park and the Bridger-Teton National Forest. The primary responsibilities of the fire effects crewmember positions are to serve as biological science technicians for wildland and prescribed fire projects as well as mechanical fuel treatments.

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Photo of interagency engine crew with Tetons in background

Teton Interagency Fire currently staffs one Type 3, three Type 4, and three Type 6 engines with duty stations across the Park and Forest.

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Photo of Teton Interagency Helitack crew with helicopter and Tetons in background

Teton Interagency Helitack is a 20 person Helitack crew comprised of Forest Service and Park Service employees that work collaboratively with the Jenny Lake Climbing Rangers. The primary missions are fire management and search and rescue for the Forest and Park utilizing two type-3 helicopters.

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Dispatch - Grand Teton National Park Headquarters - Moose, Wyoming

Photo of TIDC staff

Teton Interagency Dispatch Center is an all-risk dispatch center providing for wildland fire, law enforcement, SAR (search and rescue), EMS, structural fire, maintenance and resource management dispatching.

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