Fire Danger Low

Bridger Teton National Forest Projects

Pinedale Ranger District: Skyline Wildland Urban Interface Fuels Reduction Project

Fuels reduction treatments utilizing equipment as well as prescribed burning. The treatments will reduce the risk of high severity wildfire and increase public and firefighter safety.

Jackson Ranger District: Teton to Snake Fuels Management Project

The first phase of the Teton to Snake fuels reduction project has began within the Old Teton Pass area. Fuels reduction contractor’s are along the Old Pass Road, Trail Creek trails and Black Canyon Summer home’s area, cutting and stacking forest debris in an effort to minimize the high fire hazards.  The purpose of the Teton to Snake Fuels Project is to meet the needs to be a good neighbor, reduce the risk and cost of suppression and associated resource impacts, and meet legal obligations to protect wilderness character within the Palisades Wilderness Study Area by:

Over the next few weeks while contractors are cutting trees in the trail Creek area, visitors and trail users will be traveling at their own risk. Visitors can expect and anticipate crews working with chain saws felling trees and need to be watchful on the hazards near and around the trail areas.  Please approach the work zone slowing and cautiously. If you hear chainsaws running, ensure you are not in harm’s way. Try to make visual contact with workers before passing through the work area. Fallen trees and other obstacles could be temporarily across the trail. Maintain high situation awareness to changing conditions and maintain appropriate speed for rapidly changing trail conditions.

For project information, please contact Fire Management Officer-Steve Markason at 307.739.5431


Grand Teton National Park Projects

Proposed project list, subject to change.