Game Creek

Morning thunderstorms over the Jackson area started the small fire located on a steep southwest facing slope in the Game Creek area. Two mountain bikers in the area reported the fire to dispatch. 


Curtis Fire

A small, abandoned campfire without a fire ring was found smoldering in the upper Curtis Canyon area on the evening of July 5th.  Many and most of the Jackson district camping areas are designated dispersed campsites, requiring campers to use identified numbered sites. For fire safety and protection, these areas require using existing metal fire rings when building a campfire. Building a new fire ring is not advised and may lead to a high cos$ when flames escape the fire ring.


This fire was located off the Cliff Creek road. a camper was burning a downed green tree outside of the fire ring. The East Zone Engine 671 was called off of the Monument Ridge prescribed burn to help extinguish the fire.

Pickle Fire

Small fire burning on an east facing slope in the Pickle Pass area, adjacent to the Willow Creek. Fire cause is undetermined, looking at lightning maps, considering the heavy rain fall several days prior to the start, the cause may be a left-over warming fire.  

Rock Springs

The Teton Interagency fire helicopter has responded to the Rock Springs area, south of Teton Village and north of Phillips Ridge.  The very small fire is burning on an incredibly steep slope with standing dead trees and has a low spread potential. Fire managers are developing a safe response for the fire and more information will be upcoming shortly. 

7/28 UPDATE: Small fire continues to smolder in dead vegetation, no new growth and very minimal smoke was visible today. 

Pilgrim Creek Fire

Lighting rolling over the Teton area on July 24, is responsible for this new small fire located within the Teton Wilderness. Teton interagency wildfire module will hike into the fire and suppress the .20-acre fire burning in moderate to heavy timber. No additional resources are needed. Smoke may be visible from areas within Grand Teton Park. Fire was contained 7/26.