This means the cause of the fire is not yet determined but suspected human caused.

Moose Fire

9/28 PM -- The Moose Fire was declared out today, Friday, September 28, 2018. No further updates will be posted here.

9/27 PM -- Although this fire is 100 percent contained, it remains in patrol status (daily or every other day). Heat could persist in the foot-thick duff, so while the fire is highly unlikely to spread, it will not be declared out until patrolling firefighters don’t observe any smoke for a few consecutive days.

9/27 AM -- The Moose Fire is in patrol status today.

Irish Fire

09/27, PM - The 9-acre fire was declared out this afternoon. The fire will no longer be staffed or monitored. Irish Canyon Road is open. No further updates will be posted here.

09/27, AM - Firefighters remained on the Irish Fire overnight and will monitor the fire today, mopping up any remaining hot spots today. They plan to leave the 100-percent contained fire this afternoon.