The Estella Fire is the second fire located after yesterday storm passed through. This fire is located in the Hobble Creek drainage area, more precise, near the Estella Brown gravesite on the Lander Trail cutoff. Two Firefighters hiked into the fire and sized it up as approximately 1/10 acre fire and more resources are in route. 

The Estella Fire is now estimated to be 3/4 of an acre due to active fire behavior burning in dead down heavy timber with snags. Firefighters will continue to work the fire with saws, along with aviation bucket drops. A light and medium helicopter are available to both the Estella and Poker Hollow Fire for shuttling firefighters and bucket work. 

The Estella Fire was called controlled this morning, July 24th. Crews will continue to grid fire and mop-up interior hotspots and later today, will demobilize off the fire.

The Estella Fire was called out the morning of July 25th. 

42.5027, -110.7503

Kemmerer Ranger District
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