Located on the Bridger-Teton National Forest is Engine 421, a Type 4 wildland fire engine based out of Big Piney, Wyoming. This engine module is part of the East Zone fire organization with fire management responsibilities on the Big Piney and Pinedale Ranger Districts. In addition to the two engines, the zone organization is comprised of one fire prevention technician, an AFMO Fuels, AFMO Operations and a Zone FMO. Forest resources commonly used on the zone include Teton Helitack and other Forest type 6, type 4, and type 3 engines. A good working relationship exists with Sublette County VFD. The zone averages over 25 fires per year, many in the Bridger Wilderness area. The area of coverage is over 1.2 million acres with roughly 460,000 acres of designated wilderness. The engine modules consist of 4 permanent staff (SFEO-Supervisory Fire Engine Operator, FEO-Fire Engine Operator, AFEO-Asst. Fire Engine Operator, and SRFF-Senior Firefighter) and 2-4 seasonal crewmembers. Seasonal employees are provided government housing.

A normal fire season for the area is late July thru September. Fires on the East Zone have been reported as early as May and as late as December. Seasonal crewmembers can expect to start in mid-May to early June and work into October. Both engine crews are highly motivated, with individuals who desire to work long, hard hours to complete any assignment. Expectations for the entire crew are high. Fire assignments include local initial attack to off-Forest, extended attack large fires. Assignments can be with the Engine or with the Teton Interagency Type 2 IA hand crew. If not assigned to a fire, East Zone fire crews can be found out in the Forest prepping prescribed burn units, carrying out fuel reduction treatments or completing various other projects for the District.

For further information regarding Engine 421, please contact Mike Greer, Engine Captain E-421 at 307-276-5822 or by email at michael.greer@usda.gov.

The Forest


The Bridger-Teton National Forest (BTNF) is part of the largest intact ecosystem in the lower 48 states. The 3.4 million acres stretch from the southern border of Yellowstone National Park, covering the eastern portion of Grand Teton National Park, arching around Jackson Hole, to the prairies of southwest Wyoming. The Forest includes headwaters of three nationally significant rivers the Yellowstone, Snake and Green.

Recreation opportunities and scenic quality are internationally renowned. The Big Piney Ranger District offers some of the nations best opportunities for summer and winter outdoor activities. Residents enjoy trout fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, snowmobiling, wildlife viewing, horseback riding, boating, downhill and cross-country skiing. A short drive to the north are two of the United States top National Park destinations, Grand Teton and Yellowstone.

The Community


Big Piney is a small, very rural community in Western Wyoming. Including the town of Marbleton (0.5 miles North) the approximate population of the area is 1,500 people. The town lies within Sublette County, one of the least populated counties in the least populated state. The area is excellent for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, skiing and snowmobiling.

For more information on the town of Big Piney: www.bigpiney.com