Natural caused start from lightning strike.

Schwabachers Fire

Lightning ignited a cottonwood tree and nearby surface fuels on the west side of the Snake River. A wildland fire engine and crew responded and contained the fire at 0.1 acres. Afterward, nearly an inch of rain has fallen in the fire area, which will limit any continued fire activity.

Pilgrim Fire

A wildland engine and firefighters responded to a night-time report of fire engulfing a tree near Pilgrim Creek. A lightning strike had ignited an isolated Douglas fir and nearby duff and sagebrush. Firefighters stopped surface fire by digging a control line. Water from backpack pumps cooled the bark and middle limbs, reducing the risk of wind-driven embers igniting nearby fuels.

The next day, in daylight, firefighters drove the wildland engine closer and continued to cool and wet the fire in the limbs and bark, preventing further fire spread.


The Flagg Fire was discovered in the Teton Wilderness, near Huckleberry Ridge at 3:00pm on Tuesday July 19, 2022. Resources are suppressing the fire estimated to be 1-acre in size. The cause was a lightning strike.

Resources on scene include 3 engines from Grand Teton NP & Bridger-Teton NF, plus the Teton Interagency Type 3 Helicopter. A load of Smokejumpers have been ordered from West Yellowstone, MT, as well as a Type 2 helicopter.

Smoke is visible from major roadways in the vicinity. There are no road or trail closures in the area.


7/5 - Declared out on Friday 7/1.

6/29 4:45 pm - The Sheep fire (originally called the Upper Green Fire) has been cold trailed twice with no heat found. Incident commander has declared the fire contained at this time. Firefighters will continue to staff the fire monitoring for any heat or fire activity.

6/29 9 am - Firefighters from Sublette County Unified Fire responded to this fire late on 6/28. They were able to complete a containment line around the perimeter of the fire to prevent spread from creeping.

Strawberry Creek

Teton Fire Interagency, 6HE helicopter, responded to a report of smoke in Strawberry Creek, east of Bedford. A single tree, spot fire was located and fire personnel are taking full suppression action at this time. 

Strawberry Creek Fire was contained, controlled and called out September 13th. 

Horse Creek Fire

Forest visitors recreating in the Gros Ventre Wilderness reported smoke visible in the Horse Creek after an early morning thunderstorm passed over the area on September 2nd. Two firefighters responded with the local helicopter and discovered two trees burning after being struck by lightning. Because the fire is located within the wilderness, firefighters will apply minimal suppression tactics to ensure the fire is cold and dead out before returning to their duty station to prepare for the next wildland fire.  The fire is located at above 8000 feet and has a low spread potential.

Red Pass Fire

Small fire located in a dead and down snag on a very steep slope. The small, smoldering fire will be suppressed with the help of two local firefighters off the interagency helicopter.