Natural caused start from lightning strike.

Strawberry Creek

Teton Fire Interagency, 6HE helicopter, responded to a report of smoke in Strawberry Creek, east of Bedford. A single tree, spot fire was located and fire personnel are taking full suppression action at this time. 

Strawberry Creek Fire was contained, controlled and called out September 13th. 

Horse Creek Fire

Forest visitors recreating in the Gros Ventre Wilderness reported smoke visible in the Horse Creek after an early morning thunderstorm passed over the area on September 2nd. Two firefighters responded with the local helicopter and discovered two trees burning after being struck by lightning. Because the fire is located within the wilderness, firefighters will apply minimal suppression tactics to ensure the fire is cold and dead out before returning to their duty station to prepare for the next wildland fire.  The fire is located at above 8000 feet and has a low spread potential.

Red Pass Fire

Small fire located in a dead and down snag on a very steep slope. The small, smoldering fire will be suppressed with the help of two local firefighters off the interagency helicopter. 

Little Fall Creek

E411, E631 and helicopter 35HX responded to a smoke report in the Little Fall Creek vicinity of the LaBarge Creek drainage August 26. This 1/10 acre fire is under a full suppression strategy and burning in a mixture of dead and down fuels. The helicopter will support resources on the ground with water drops from a bucket. Fire spread potential is moderate.

The Little Fall Creek Fire was called controlled, contained and out on July 27th. 


Mid day Friday several reports of smoke came in from the public in the area of the Potholes off the Teton Park Road in Grand Teton NP.  Resources responded and are currently suppressing the 0.2 acre Moran Fire located in a string of timber east of the highway.  An interagency engine crew and helicopter are supporting the management efforts.

Spread Creek Fire

8/12 strong work from two helitack crew members have this fire cold and dead out hours within initial attack. the fire was called out 1530 on 8/11


Spread Creek Fire is simply a spot fire located on a cut bank of Spread Creek on the Blackrock Ranger District. Two firefighters are on scene and suppressing the smoldering fire with support from local helicopter 35HX.

Wallace Fire

The Wallace fire is located south east of Moran Junction in the Wallace Draw area. First resources on the fire included two local helitack crew members with the support from bucket drop's with interagency helicopter 35 HX. Smokejumpers arrived a few hours later and will now oversee the suppression tactics on the 4 acre fire over the next few days. Smoke may be visible from the Moran area while the fire treats fuels in a mixture of aspen, sage and timber. The fire has a moderate spread potential with no closures or safety concerns at this time.