This means the fire was started by humans, either intentional or accidental; equipment, smoking, campfire, debris burning, railroad, arson, children, fireworks, vehicle.

Meadow Creek Fire

The Meadow Creek Fire was reported late afternoon by the public October 18th but was not located until the morning of October 19th. Helicopter 35HX spotted the fire while shuttleing fire crews in for the Strawberry Rx. Westzone fire crews are responding. The fire is approximately 1/4 acre in size, smoldering in timber, adjacent to grass with low spread potential. 

Corral Fire

Teton Interagency Fire personnel, engine E631 and helicopter H35HX responded to a smoke report in the Corral Creek Lake area late afternoon, today, September 1st.  

The fire is creeping and smoldering, is 1/10 acre in size and cause of fire is undeterminded at this time. Fire personnel will take full suppression action starting with a containment line around the fire. 

The Corral Fire has been contained, controlled and called out. 









This fire was discovered by Forest Service Law Enforcement as a bon fire in the early morning hours of July 17. Partiers in attendance were instructed to extinguish the fire but when the fire crew returned to the scene to check on the fire later that day, they found that the fire was still burning. 

Flat Creek

Two careless campers left a campfire burning on the morning of July 9th without constructing a rock ring or taking fire prevention measures. Please remember to always use exsisting fire rings and always drown, stir and feel for heat before you leave your campfire.