This means the fire was started by humans, either intentional or accidental; equipment, smoking, campfire, debris burning, railroad, arson, children, fireworks, vehicle.

Signal Mountain Rd

On the evening of July 13th visitors reported an illegal bonfire just off the Signal Mt Rd.  Ranger contacted the visitors, provided education and initially suppressed the fire.  WY-GTP Engine-301 responded the following morning to mop-up the fire and rehabilitate the scene.

Flat Creek 2

The Flat Creek 2 fire, located in the Flat Creek Drainage, 7 miles north of Jackson,  was reported to Teton Interagency Dispatch   Saturday afternoon June 27.  Two Interagency Helitack firefighters responded and controlled the tenth acre fire. 

The fire was determined to be human-caused, the result of an abandoned campfire. 

Wolf Fire

Just off the trail in the Wolf Creek drainage, a new fire has been found. The fire was left by a careless visitor to the area. It is not expectable to start a warming fire and assume the weather will take care of putting the fire out. Everybody who starts a fire must take the responsibility to put the fire out!  Use water, stir and feel the burning materials to make sure the fire is cold to the touch.                                  This small 30x30 fire was found smoldering on the morning of 9/27 and will be suppressed.

North Fork

One of too many new fire starts in front of the Elk Hunting season. This very small warming fire was left to burn on the north fork of the Mosquito Creek drainage. Two engine operators hiked into the fire to suppress the smoldering debris. The fire will be called out before firefighters leave the area.

If anyone has information on any of the new fires found in the Teton Fire response area, please call the Forest Service at 307-739-5400.



The Greys River Trail Crew reported smoke in the Meadow Creek and Henderson Creek area on Sept 24th.  E-631 Chase responded and got a visual on it early evening. No action was taken at that time due to firefighter safety, hiking to a fire in the dark on unknown terrain.


This fire was declared out on Sept. 30 after significant rain fell over the area.

This fire was called in to Teton Interagency Dispatch by outfitters in the area. Helicopter and crew from Teton Interagency responded to extinguish the fire. The fire is located approximately 3 miles west of Lookout Mountain. The fire is under investigation and is suspected to be human caused by an abandoned warming fire.

Colter Bay D 101

Campground hosts extinguished a fire at Colter Bay CG, site D-101 on Monday afternoon while the area was receiving strong winds on a very hot and dry day. The National Weather Service had issued a Red Flag Warning for the area asking residents and visitors to be cautious with fire as conditions were ripe for fire spread. This human caused fire was located in the campsite, but not in the established fire ring and is under investigation.


Several reports of smoke in the river bottom south of Deadman's Bar access came in on Sunday, with suppression actions taken by visitors also reported.  One fire was found by fire resources and suppressed on the east side of the main river channel.  Continued patrols Sunday and Monday discovered no additional fires.