Another suspicious fire with no lightning in the area. The fire is located in a shade of timber, close to a ridgeline above 8000 feet in elevation. Very similar to many of the other new fire starts over the past 4 days.

This fire is located within the Bridger Teton National Forest fire restriction area. The Buck Creek fire's location is also surrounded by multiple hazards, powerlines, a highway, is adjacent to the Hoback community, on a very steep slope for firefighters, requiring helicopter landings in remote and hazardous landing zones. Over the last few days these small fires have exposed many individuals to unnecessary risk with hazards and continue to be high cost to the public.  

10/03 As indicated in the picture below, the terrain is very steep and fire managers have decided to reduce the risk and exposure to firefighters on the small fire. Instead, several drops from the local helicopter aided suppression activity with bucket support with water taken from the Hoback River.

South Aspect of Beaver Mountain, Hoback Canyon, BTNF
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