This human caused fire was left after a party was held at the Goodwin Lake dispersed campsites the weekend of July 13th.  The fire was detected and called into Teton Interagency Fire on 7/14 by the individuals who found the smoldering fire.The hikers suppressed the fire with the aid of water from Goodwin Lake- 10 feet away from the fire's ring.  We at Teton Fire, ask and remind all visitors who have campfires to please remain vigilant and put all campfires out and cold to the touch. The Jackson Ranger District has the highest number of detected abandoned campfires, it is with the public’s help that we are able to find these fires while still small.  As peers and Stewards for public lands, if you see someone leaving an area after a campfire, please continue to help share Smokey’s fire prevention message for campfire safety, Only you can prevent unwanted wildfires, leave your campfire cold and dead out!goodwin1web.jpg

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Jackson Ranger District, BTNF
Goodwin Lake
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