Another human caused fire left by individuals who did not completely extinguish their campfire. Some effort was made into trying to put the fire out however, plenty of heat was still left inside the burning material. This fire had the potential to negatively impact the Hatchet businesses and Blackrock District office and homes. Anyone with information of individuals having a campfire on the FS 30200 Road, please contact 307-739-5424.

When camping we remember to grab matches and firewood, we need to include extra water in this list of camping supplies. Water would have helped to put this fire dead out. The soils and dirt are extremely dry in the forest and really not reliable for completing the task for a dead out fire. When heading out and planning to have a fire think of the "dead out campfire triangle"-

Water, Stir, Touch=Dead out, before you head out!  

Blackrock RD, BTNF
Hatchet Area
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