Year: 2019
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Arizona Creek

Debris piles were created during management of the 2016 Berry Fire.  Crews sought to bolster the existing break in the forest canopy provided by the electrical transmission line east of the highway for possible containment options.  Debris was accumulated in piles within the powerline corridor.

During pile burn operations smoke will be visible along the highway corridor north of Colter Bay to the Lizard Creek area.

Completed Oct 2019

Climbers Ranch debris pile

Debris accumulated from fuels reduction and hazard tree management activities around the cabins at the Climbers Ranch has been piled on site and will be burned under appropriate weather conditions as allowed in the Parks' Debris Pile Burn Plan.

Completed 10/09/2019

East Zone Pile Burning

Piles are located in numerous locations throughout the Big Piney and Pinedale Ranger Districts. Big Piney Map Pinedale Map (not all locations are shown on maps)  News Release

Big Sandy Lodge

Sylvan Bay Summer Home Area

White Pine

Upper Kelly Park

New Fork Lakes Scout Camp

Red Cliff

N. Fork Fisherman Cr.

Sylvan Bay Piles

Surveyor Ridge

Sweeney Creek

South Fortification Mtn

Old Road Timber Sale

Cabins Post and Pole

Green River Lakes Lodge

Middle Beaver

Pinedale Ranger District - 307-367-4326

Beginning Oct. 1

Pacific Creek Road

This project treated a stand of mixed conifer along the road leading through Grand Teton NP to the Pacific Creek (Braman) sub-division.  The timber stand had a large percentage of standing dead trees and accumulated dead heavy logs on the forest floor.  The project targeted the dead fuel accumulation as well as completing treatment of the remaining forest overstory to defensible space standards.

Fire crews constructed piles over the past two summer seasons and will burn the debris this fall/winter as cold and wet conditions allow.  Piles were burned in the treatment area closest to the Pacific Creek homes in November and December.  Staffing and snow depth have led to a halt in burn operations for this winter.  Remaining piles will be targeted for the 2020-21 winter season.

Fall 2019

Partially complete 12/6/2019

Signal Mountain Road (Lower End)

Phase 5 of a multi-year fuels reduction project along the Signal Mountain Road corridor has been completed.  Piles generated from this mechanical cut and thin project have been stacked on site and allowed to dry for a summer season.  When cold wet conditions allow, these piles will be burned under the park's Debris Pile Burn Plan.  Expect to see smoke around the Signal Mt area when piles are being burned, and expect some smoke to linger as piles fully consume the heavy logs and branches.  Piles are monitored until out.

This last phase completes the project designed to provide safer access/egress for the public and emergency responders on this busy dead-end road.  The Signal Mt summit is also the site of critical telecommunications infrastructure that would be at risk in the event of a wildfire.  This project created defensible space along the road corridor's entire 5 mile length as well as the infrastructure located at the summit.

Fall 2019

Completed Oct/Nov 2019

Star Valley Front Vegetation Project

The Greys River Ranger District of the Bridger-Teton National Forest plans to implement a phase of the Star Valley Front Vegetation Project located east of Star Valley and consists of a 64,612 acre project area with 31,477 acres of proposed burn units extending from Strawberry Creek south to Cottonwood Creek, from the forest boundary to the top of the Salt River Range. for more information, The Strawberry Creek Unit is scheduled and could be implemented anytime between Sept. 1 - Oct. 31, weather permitting....Strawberry Creek Prescribed BurnProject Map, Unit Map, News Release

Greys River Ranger District 307-886-5300

Weather permitting, 2020

Trail Creek Road RX

LOCATION: Located on the Jackson Ranger District, approximately 9.5 miles south of Wilson Wyoming, west of Fall Creek Road and the Redtop Meadows Subdivision.

PROJECT SIZE:  371 acres 

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This project is in response to the Teton to Snake Fuels Reduction Project with the goal to support Teton County in an effort to become a fire adapted community while helping to maintain wilderness values of the Palisades Wilderness Study Area.

The Teton to Snake (T2S) Fuels Management Project utilizes a combination of mechanical thinning and prescribed fire treatments along the boundary of the Bridger-Teton National Forest and the communities of Jackson, Wilson, and Hoback. This prescribed fire treatment is one of many treatments which falls within the (T2S) Fuels Management Project designed to reduce fire intensity, ember wash and support a fire adapted community for public safety.

Trails End Road RX Map

Lesley Williams-Gomez 307-739-5424

Re-entry Spring of 2021

Triangle X Fence

Posts and rails accumulated from a pasture fence removal project will be burned on-site west of Highway 89 just south of the Triangle X dude ranch

Fall 2019

Completed 10/9/2019

Whitegrass Piles

Debris piles created from the removal of dead hazard trees along the access road to the historic Whitegrass Ranch property were burned on site.  Ongoing fuels management activities target dead and down fuels accumulation in the vicinity of developed areas throughout the park.

Completed 10/21/2019