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Northern Rockies Incident Teams
NR IMT Resource Status
2016 Incident Management Team Plan   NR (IMT/Crews) Resource Status
  **Contact IC or Team Coordinator for roster(s)**  
National Team Rotations
Type 1 Incident Management Teams   Area Command Teams
     Poncin (NRC)   Type 1 IMTs
     Turman (NRC)   Buying Teams

     NR Type 1 Team Schedule

Wildland Fire Modules
Type 2 Incident Management Teams   NR Wildland Fire Modules Out-Of-Area Rotation
     Pearson - N. Idaho (GVC)   Interagency Standards for WFM Operations
     Staats - N. Idaho (GVC)    
     Connell - W. Montana (MDC)   NPS INTERMOUNTAIN REGION WFM
     Thompson - E. Montana (GDC)   NPS Wildland Fire Modules
     Leach - E. Montana (BDC)    
     Grant - Eastern Area (EACC)   USFS R1 WILDLAND FIRE MODULES
     NR Type 2 Team Schedule   Lewis & Clark Wildland Fire Module - Type 1
     EA Type 2 Team Schedule   Selway Wildland Fire Module - Type 1
    Madison BDF - Type 2
Wildland Fire Management Team    
     Hutton (NRC)  
     NR WFMT Team Schedule  
    Grangeville (website)
Buying Team   Missoula (website)
     National Buying Team Guide (2008)   West Yellowstone (website)
County Assistance Team (CAT)   R1 Smokejumpers Video
     County Assistance Team Plan (2015)   FS Smokejumper User Guide (2011)
    Smokejumper Request Form (.pdf) (.rtf)
IMT Orientation
IMT Orientation Information   National Smokejumper Status Report
Team Forms
  USDA Forest Service Smokejumpers
Assignment Extension Form (.pdf)   USDI BLM Smokejumpers 
Incident Management Team Evaluation Form (.doc)
Incident Management Team Rationale (.pdf) | (.doc)   National Smokejumper Association
Wildland Fire Management Team Rationale (.pdf) | (.doc)    
Incident Management Team Finance Evaluation(docx)  
Incident Medical Specialist Program
    NR Incident Medical Specialist Program
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