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Current Conditions
NRCC Weather Products
NCAR NR Regional Surface Map   Predictive Services Fire Weather Web Briefing
    Daily Outlooks: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3
MesoWEST (Main Website) Weekly Fire Weather and Climate Outlook
     NR Surface Map   Interactive Weather Briefing
     NR Hourly Observations   2017 Northern Rockies Annual Operating Plan
     NR 24-Hr Trend Monitor  
     NR 5-Day Temperatures  
National Weather Service (NWS)
     NR 5-Day Humidity   Billings
     NR Precipitation Monitor   Bismarck
Current     Visible | Infrared | Water Vapor    Grand Forks
Animated Visible | Infrared | Water Vapor   Great Falls
NWS Regional Satellite Links   Missoula
NASA Global Hydrology & Climate Center Images   Pendleton
NCAR RAP Real-Time Weather Data   Pocatello
NEXLAB Experimental Satellite   Riverton
RAMMB Cira Slider (GOES-16)   Spokane
LIGHTNING   NWS Northern Rockies Graphical Forecasts
NIFC Lightning Maps   NWS National Fire Weather Page
SPC Lightning Dryness Level   NWS Storm Prediction Center (SPC)
SPC Experimental Dry Thunderstorm Forecast    
Climatology / Drought
Snow / Precipitation Data
  Climate, Ecosystem & Fire Apps (CEFA)
National Water & Climate Center (WCC)        Assessment Products
     SNOTEL Data Network   National Drought Mitigation Center (NDMC)
     Idaho Snowpack        U.S. Drought Monitoring Map
     Wyoming Snowpack        U.S. Vegetation Drought Response Index
     Interactive Mountain Snowpack Maps   Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDI)
Climate Prediction Center (CPC)   U.S. Seasonal Drought Outlook
     6-10 Day Temperature Outlook   Short-Term Drought Indicator Blend Percentiles
     6-10 Day Precipitation Outlook   Long-Term Drought Indicator Blend Percentiles
     8-14 Day Temperature Outlook   U.S. Drought Portal
     8-14 Day Precipitation Outlook   National Drought Mitigation Center (NDMC)
     30-90 Day Outlooks   Montana County Drought Status
Hydrologic Information Center (HIC)   NOAA El Nino / La Nina
Weather Prediction Center (WPC)    
     3-Day Precipitation Forecast  
Weather Maps
     5-Day Precipitation Forecast   Surface Charts: Past 24 Hours
     7-Day Precipitation Forecast   Lower Atmosphere Stability (Haines) Index
Western Regional Climate Center (WRCC)    
     7-Day Period of Precipitation  
Smoke Monitoring
     14-Day Precipitation % of Normal   Montana / Idaho Smoke Monitoring Unit
     Water Year Precipitation % of Normal        Map of Current Burns
     Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI)   Western Regional Air Partnership
    NOAA Hazard Mapping System Fire and Smoke Product
    NOAA HRRR (High Resolution Rapid Refresh) Smoke
    National Hurricane Center
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