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NR Aviation Resource Status
AirNav   NR (Aviation/IMT/CR) Resource Status
Airtanker Release ROSS Help           (Password Protected.....How to obtain access?)
AT LP SMJ RAPs AA TFR Reminders    
Aviation Contracts
Automated Flight Following (AFF)   DOI PROGRAM
Aviation Business System   On Call Single Engine Airtankers (SEATs) Master Contract
     ABS Application   2017/2018 Fire Task Order Numbers
CL-215/415 Operations   USFS FIRE CONTRACTS
FlightAware Live Flight Tracking   Airtanker Contracts
GPS Visualizer - Convert Coordinates   Long-Term Retardant Contracts
MSU - Convert Geographic Units   Helicopter Contracts CWN
NIROPS - IR Scanner Orders   Helicopter Contracts Exclusive Use
Official U.S. Time  
Para Cargo Ordering - How To  
Aviation Guides
Rappel Staffing Report  
Smokejumper Status Report        Seventeenth revision of the DOT-SP 9198
Sunrise/Sunset Calculator        Special Permit Authorization USFS DOT-SP 9198
    DOI National Exclusive Use SEAT SOP (2017)
    IAT Resource Library (Handbooks, Guides & Booklets)
    Implementation Guide for Aerial Retardant Application of Fire Retardant
Aviation Safety
  Interagency Aerial Ignition Guide (IAIG)
Blue Ribbon Panel   Interagency Aerial Supervision Guide
FAA Safety Team   Interagency Airspace Coordination Guide (2018)
FAA Temporary Tower Agreement (2013-18)   Interagency Airtanker Base Operations Guide (2018)
FS - R1 Overdue/Missing Aircraft Protocol   Interagency Aviation Mishap Response Guide
Interagency Airspace Coordination   Interagency Emergency Helicopter Evacuation Source List
Graphic TFRs   Interagency Helicopter Operations Guide (IHOG) (2016)
Notice to Airmen (NOTAMS)   Interagency Helicopter Rappel Guide (IHRG) (2016)
Reporting UAS Situation ARTCC Script   NWCG Standards for SEAT Operations (2018)
SAFECOMs   Interagency Standards for Fire & Aviation Ops
USFS Aviation Safety Center   National Aviation Safety and Management Plan w/ R1 Supplements (2018)
Wildland Fire Lessons Learned   USFS Admin Flight Desk Reference
  USFS Amphibious Water Scooper Operations Plan (2018)
Western US Geo Dispatch Boundaries (2013)   USFS Aviation Safety Management System Guide (2014)
Idaho:   USFS Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Desk Guide (2016)
     Coeur d'Alene Zone    
     Grangeville Zone  
Agency Aviation Websites
Western Montana:   BLM Aviation Management
     Bitterroot Zone  

     BLM Montana / Dakotas State Aviation Plan

     Missoula Zone   DOI Acquisition Services - Contracts & Agreements
Central Montana:        DOI Aviation Management
     Bozeman Zone   Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
     Dillon Zone   MT DNRC Aviation
Eastern Montana:   NPS Aviation Management
     EM Zone (Miles City, Lewistown, Billings)   USDA Forest Service Aviation Management
       US Fish & Wildlife Aviation Management
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