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Prescott Helitack

Updated:  19-May-2015 16:11


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Training is a key element in the successful performance of the duties of a wildland firefighter and helicopter crewmember. The Prescott Helitack training program consists of NWCG coursework, frequent field exercises and on-the-job training throughout the fire season. Required fire refreshers are completed at the beginning of the year, followed by Basic Air Operations (S-270) and Helicopter Crewmember (S-271) in April. Skills training such as loading and unloading passengers, preparing cargo for transport, and setting up the bucket and longline are conducted after the helicopter arrives.

Opportunities to take additional classes such as S-131 Firefighter Type1, S-211 Portable Pumps, S-212 Wildfire Chainsaws, I-200 Basic ICS, and leadership courses such as L-180 and L-280 are available locally during the first half of the season.

We believe that training opportunities exist in every aspect of our job and expect all firefighters to actively seek out opportunities to acquire knowledge and improve existing skills. Towards the goal of an open, exciting and stimulating learning environment, the crew will train daily in such areas as helicopter management, initial attack protocol, career development, fire behavior and weather, and basic outdoor navigation and survival skills.