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Prescott Helitack

Updated:  30-Mar-2020 14:38


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Prescott Helitack consists of one permanent Superintendent, one permanent Captain, two permanent Squad Leaders, one permanent Senior and five temporary seasonal helicopter crewmembers.

Crewmembers are well trained and highly motivated to perform all aspects of fire management activities including initial attack, extended attack, monitoring and prescribed burning. Also, crew members are trained in aviation support functions including helispot construction/management, crew transport, reconnaissance, aerial ignition, cargo preparation/loading and medivac.

Our season typically begins in mid-April with two weeks of firefighter and basic helicopter training followed by more specific training when the helicopter arrives at the beginning of May. Once fully trained, the crew may travel to large fires in the region or pre-position for initial attack until the monsoons hit in mid-July. After sufficient rainfall on forest, the crew may travel to other geographic areas for initial attack pre-position or large fire support. Crewmembers can expect to be actively engaged in fire suppression and aviation activities until mid September with some opportunities to extend into October for project work and prescribed burning on forest.