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Prescott Helitack

Updated:  30-Mar-2020 14:44

Physical Fitness

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Wildland firefighting demands a high level of physical fitness to safely perform arduous work for extended periods in difficult environmental conditions, including steep terrain, extreme temperatures, high elevations, and smoke. These conditions require firefighters be in above-average physical condition.

On Prescott Helitack, physical training is performed daily to maintain a high level of fitness throughout the fire season. Crewmembers can expect 60-90 minutes per day of strenuous running, hiking, strength training, and calisthenics, as well as warm-up, cool-down, stretching, and restorative activities. The intent is that all employees receive the opportunity to maintain their strengths and improve upon their weaknesses, while exercising safely and avoiding injury.

Taking and passing the Work Capacity Test (Pack Test) at the Arduous level is a condition of employment. The Pack Test consists of a 3-mile hike over flat terrain with a 45-pound pack, to be completed in a maximum of 45 minutes. The crew also participates annually in the BLM Fire Operations Fitness Challenge, which tests maximum pushups, pullups, situps, and time in a 1.5- or 3-mile run.

Incoming crewmembers should develop a comprehensive physical training and nutrition program prior to reporting for duty that allows them to excel in all of the above areas. For guidance, please reach out to the crew’s overhead.