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6 Minutes for Safety

Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center

SAFENET: Wildland Fire Operations Safety Reporting System

Safety Alerts (NWCG posted Safety Alerts)

Risk Management

Oil and Gas Operations Guide for Firefighters


Critical Incident Response

Aviation Mishap Response Guide Can be found on the Internal Webpage

UCR Serious Injury or Fatality Response Guide (password protected)

All Medical Plans can be found on the Internal Webpage

Line of Duty Death Response Guide

PMS 926 Agency administrator's Guide to Critical Incident Management



Rhabdomyolysis Handout for Medical Providers


Safety Plans

Grand Junction Complex 2016 Safety and Occupational Health Action Plan (password protected)

WRNF Safety Plan 2016 (password protected)


UCR Risk Assessments

2019 Risk Assessments





















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Upper Colorado River
Interagency Fire Management Unit

To report a fire call: 1-800-972-4526