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Domestic Per Diem Rates

FireCode System (Password Protected)

NIFC Contracting
National Contracts - Airtankers, Type 2 & 2IA Crews, CWN Helicopters, Exclusive-Use Helicopters, Mobile Commissary, Mobile Food Service, Mobile Shower Facilities, Smokejumper Aircraft

NWCG Unit Identifiers Site

BLM Standards for Fire Business Management

Interagency Incident Business Management
UCR/Grand Junction Dispatch Service and Supply Plan - 2020

FS Incident Finance Payment Procedures 2020
AD/EFF Pay Plans

BLM AD Pay Plan 2020

FS AD Pay Plan 2020

DOI Casual Payment Center

Helpful Links

Quicktime (BLM)

ConnectHR (FS)

Concur (BLM Travel)

Team Space (BLM)

Tidbits - Helpful Incident Business Info

Spring 2019 Tidbits

Fall 2019 Tidbits

How to fill out a CTR




















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Upper Colorado River
Interagency Fire Management Unit

To report a fire call: 1-800-972-4526