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There are many seasonal employment opportunities available on the UCR.  Some seasonal positions include engine crew members, helitack crew members, wildland fire module crew members, dispatch, and tanker base positions.

The duty stations on the UCR include Grand Junction, Rifle, Silverthorne, Minturn, and Eagle.

Grand Junction is the most populous municipality in all of western Colorado, with a population of 150,000 for the entire valley. Grand Junction is a full service city with four area hospitals, a regional airport, numerous public/private schools, and Colorado Mesa University. Grand Junction has an outstanding high desert climate and is recognized as the 7th sunniest city in American. Recreation opportunities include: mountain biking, dirt biking, canyoneering, camping, cross-country/alpine skiing, hiking, hunting, and water sports.  Grand Junction is home to the Junior College (JUCO) World Series as well as a Professional Minor League Baseball team affiliated with the Colorado Rockies, known as the Grand Junction Rockies.

Rifle is located 60 miles to the east of Grand Junction, it was ranked #17 out of the Top 200 Towns for Sportsmen according to the April 2008 edition of Outdoor Life Magazine.   Locally around Rifle there is world class climbing, hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, rafting, and skiing. 

Eagle is halfway between Denver and Grand Junction.  Recreation includes: mountain biking, trail running, hiking, Gold Medal fly fishing, rafting, kayaking, standup paddling, and hunting.  Eagle is located on along Interstate 70 on the Eagle River surrounded by BLM land and State Parks.

Minturn is a small mountain town surrounded by the Holy Cross Wilderness, the White River National Forest, and the Eagle River. Hiking, biking, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing are just some of the recreation opportunities available.

Silverthorne is located along Interstate 70 in the Lower Blue River Valley below 12,000+ foot peaks and is surrounded on two sides by National Forest and Wilderness Areas. It is a full-service community with a population of approximately 4,000 people.  There are five ski areas within a half-hour drive: Breckenridge, Keystone, Arapahoe Basin, Loveland and Copper Mountain. Recreation here also includes: Gold Medal trout fishing, kayaking, canoeing, rafting, skiing, biking, and hiking.

Grand Junction positions include BLM engine crew members, BLM Unaweep Wildland Fire Module crew members, dispatchers at Grand Junction Dispatch and tanker base positions.  The positions in Rifle include BLM and USFS engine crew members, BLM and USFS Hleitack crew members, and USFS White river Wildland Fire Module crew members.  Rifle, Silverthorne, and Eagle offer USFS engine crew member positions.

A typical seasonal’s employment runs from May 15th through September 1st; but funding, work load, and performance all can be limiting factors.

Fitness is an important element of being a successful firefighter. The physical demands of the job require a high level of fitness for safety and productivity. Being physically fit is expected of all crew members. Please see the information on UCR Physical Fitness.

2017 Hourly Pay Rates

 GS-03  $10.89
 GS-04  $12.23
 GS-05  $13.68

2017/2018 Recruitment Sessions and Job Application Assistance

Recruitment/Job Application Sessions 


Eagle, CO

Fall/Winter 2018

Glenwood Springs
Glenwood Community Center
100 Wulfsohn Road
Glenwood Springs, CO 
Fall/Winter 2018
Grand Junction
Grand Junction Air Center
2774 Landing View Lane
Grand Junction, CO 
Fall/Winter 2018

2019 Job Announcements

Seasonal job announcements for the 2019 season will be out in the fall/winter 2018.

All the job announcements below can be found on Click on the blue links in bold below or search for the annoucement numbers.

Make sure you select the correct duty station when applying.

East Zone    
Duty Stations: Eagle, Minturn, and Silverthorne, CO

Contact Justin Conrad

Forest Service Announcements    
Duty Stations: Eagle For info on Eagle jobs
Ryan Hughes - (970)-456-8268
TEMP-GS-0462-03-Forestry Aid (Fire Suppression)
TEMP-GS-0462-04-Forestry Technician (Fire Suppression)  
TEMP-GS-0462-05-Forestry Technician (Fire Suppression)  
Duty Stations: Minturn

For info on Minturn jobs
Todd King - (970)-948-9417

Forestry Aid (Fire Suppression) - Engine - GS-03  
Forestry Tech (Fire Suppression) - Engine - GS-04
Forestry Tech (Fire Suppression) - Engine - GS-05  

Duty Stations: Silverthorne

For info on Silverthorne jobs
Eric White - (970)-456-8293

Forestry Aid (Fire Suppression) - Engine - GS-03  
Forestry Tech (Fire Suppression) - Engine - GS-04  
Forestry Tech (Fire Suppression) - Engine - GS-05  


Central Zone    
Duty Station: Rifle, CO

Contact Tyko Issacson
(970) 625-2872

For Helitack positions contact Chad Johnson

Forest Service Announcements    
TEMP-GS-0462-03-Forestry Aid (Fire Suppression)
TEMP-GS-0462-04-Forestry Technician (Fire Suppression)  
TEMP-GS-0462-05-Forestry Technician (Fire Suppression)
TEMP-GS-0462-04-Forestry Technician (Helitack)  
TEMP-GS-0462-05-Forestry Technician (Helitack)  
BLM Announcements    
Wildland Firefighter (Range/Forestry Aid/Technician) - GS-0455/0462-02/05


Wildland Firefighter - Helitack (Range/Forestry Technician) -



West Zone    
Duty Station: Grand Junction, CO

Contact Jeremy Spetter

BLM Announcements    
Wildland Firefighter (Range/Forestry Aid/Technician) - GS-0455/0462-03/05  
Wildland Firefighter (Lead Range Technician) - GS-0455-05/06



Unaweep Wildland Fire Module    
Duty Station: Grand Junction, CO

Contact Kelly Boyd

BLM Announcements    
Wildland Firefighter (Range/Forestry Aid/Technician) - GS-0455,0462-05  
Senior Wildland Firefighter (Range Technician) - GS-0455-05

Grand Junction Dispatch    
Duty Station: Grand Junction, CO

Contact John Craig

Forest Service Announcements    
TEMP-GS-0462-04-Forestry Technician (Fire Dispatch)
TEMP-GS-0462-05-Forestry Technician (Fire Dispatch)  
TEMP-GS-0462-07-Forestry Technician (Fire Dispatch)  
TEMP-GS-0462-05-Forestry Technician (Airtanker Base)
TEMP-GS-0462-04-Forestry Technician (Generalist)  
TEMP-GS-0462-03-Forestry Aid (General)    
TEMP-GS-2151-04-Automotive Equipment Dispatcher (Logistics)    
BLM Announcements    
Fire Dispatcher(Range/Forestry Technician) – GS-04/05  
Fire Dispatcher(Range/Forestry Technician) –GS-04/07  


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