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UCR FMO and Agency Administrator Quick Reference

Interagency Standards for Fire and Aviation Operations (Red Book)

Rocky Mountain Area Mobilization Guide

National Interagency Mobilization Guide

Interagency Incident Business Management Handbook

Preparedness Review Checklists and Drills



310-1 Qualifications

Wildland Fire Incident Management Field Guide - PMS 210

Resource Advisors Guide for Wildland Fire

Agency Administrator Guide to Critical Incicdent Management

Accident Investigation Resources

Prescribed Fire Guides and Plan Templates

Critical Incident Stress Management

Lessons Learned Center

Fire Training and Fire Management Leadership Training

Line-of-Duty Death (LODD)

National Fire and Aviation IMs and IBs

Colorado BLM IMs and IBs


Annual Operating Plans

Eagle County
Garfield County
Gunnison County
Mesa County
Pitkin County
Rio Blanco County
Summit County

UCR Service First Agreement

Colorado National Monument MOU














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Upper Colorado River
Interagency Fire Management Unit

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