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The Upper Colorado River Interagency Fire Management Unit (UCR) provides a full range of fire management services to participating federal, state and local jurisdictions in western Colorado. The UCR is comprised of the Colorado River Valley and Grand junction Field Offices of the Bureau of Land Management, and the White River National Forest. The UCR cooperates with the Colorado National Monument, the GMUG National Forest, state agencies, local communities, and fire departments on a wide range of activities including fuels treatments, fire prevention, and suppression.

Encompassing over 6.7 million acres of land managed by participating Federal agencies and private lands, the UCR is oriented along the Interstate 70 corridor from the Continental Divide on the east to the Utah state line on the west. Vegetation types in the area range from those typifying high desert species such as native bunchgrasses, sagebrush and various types of brush, to woodland species such as pinyon-juniper, aspen and mixed conifer species at higher elevations.

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There are five primary components to the UCRIFMU website. The INCIDENT INFORMATION component is designed to provide the general public with information on large fires and fire restrictions. The PREDICTIVE SERVICES component provides the operational products. The LOGISTICS/DISPATCH component provides operational and administrative links for Aviation, Crews, and Overhead. The ADMINISTRATIVE component is designed to provide links that make Fire and Incident Operations work. The EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES component provides info on seasonal jobs and how to apply for our jobs. The UCR INFORMATION section has information about our resources and our program. The MAPS component has geo-referenced PDF maps of our most popular products. And finally, the OTHER LINKS components provides area and national links to other related websites.

To learn more about the Upper Colorado River Interagency Fire Management Unit, click on ABOUT US and check out the links under the UCR INFORMATION heading on the left.













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