Reporting a Wildfire

When you report a fire to our dispatch office or 911, the dispatcher will ask some questions to gather information about the fire. This information will help determine the appropriate fire management response. The list below provides examples of information a dispatcher may request.

  • Your name and phone number
  • A phone number where you can be reached if the dispatchers need more information.
  • Location of the fire. Be as specific as possible. Identify highway milepost markers, landmarksĀ and if the fire is on the north or south side of the road, or in the median. Also how far the fire hasĀ moved and what would be the best route to the fire.
  • What time did you discover the fire?
  • Size of the fire.
  • What is burning?
    Grass, brush, timber, slash, building, vehicle, don't know.
  • Appearance of smoke
  • Volume (small, medium, large)
  • Color (white, gray, blue, black)
  • Character (thin, heavy, billowy, drifting)
  • Increasing or decreasing
  • What is threatened?
    Houses, structures, campgrounds, highway...
  • Which direction is the fire spreading?
  • Do you know what started the fire?
  • Any information you may have as to how the fire was started will assist us in our investigation.