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Northern Rockies Predictive Services meteorologists monitor fire weather and National Fire Danger Rating System (NFDRS 16) components from a number of key stations in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and North Dakota and South Dakota. 

ERC, 1000-hr fuel moisture, 100-hr fuel moisture and Burning Index graphs are generated according to Predictive Service Areas (PSAs), which are geographic areas of similar climate/fuels based on statistical correlation of RAWS data.


For geographic comparison we are using Fuel Model Y and Fuel Model V, depending on applicablity. ERC and 1000-hr fuel moisture are stable indexes that do not jump around from day-to-day, whereas 100-hr fuel moisture is more variable. All are good for monitoring the fire season.


The graphs are updated daily and show a trending average for the 2010-Present time period (heavy gray line). The 90th and 97th percentile values are shown as solid back horizontal lines. Seasonal traces for year-to-date (blue line) and other significant/record years (orange line) may also be shown. (Note: Some stations do not have data for all representative years; what is available is used).
Tiled Thumbprint Images of All PSAs Graphs
ERC     |     1000-hr FM     |      100-hr FM     |      BI
(Click on PSA for specific ERC, 1000-hr and 100-hr Fuel Moisture, and BI graphs)
(Graphic) Map of Northern Rockies Predictive Service Areas - Click on PSA to view ERC, 1000-hr and 100-hr graphs PSA - NR17 Northeastern North Dakota PSA - NR18 Southeastern North Dakota PSA - NR16 Southeast Montana & Southwest North Dakota PSA - NR15 Northeast Montana & Northwest North Dakota PSA - NR14 Southern Montana (Big Horn/Powder River) PSA - NR04 Western Montana PSA - NR06 North Central Idaho & Bitterroot/Sapphire Mountains PSA - NR09 Big Hole - Southwest Montana, East of Continental Divide PSA - NR10 Northern Front Range PSA - NR13 Northern Plains & Missouri Breaks PSA - NR12 South Central Montana & Yellowstone NP PSA - NR03 Southern Idaho Panhandle PSA - NR11 West Central Montana PSA - NR08 Southwest Montana, West of Continental Divide PSA - NR07 Glacier NP & Wilderness Areas PSA - NR05 Camas Prairie of Idaho PSA - NR02 Northwestern Montana PSA - NR01 Northern Idaho Panhandle
Northern Rockies Predictive Service Areas (PSAs)
(Click on PSA # for particular ERC, 1000-hr, and 100-hr Fuel Moisture, and BI graphs)
Northern Idaho Panhandle
Northwestern Montana
Southern Idaho Panhandle
Western Montana
Camas Prairie of Idaho
North Central Idaho & Bitterroot/Sapphire Mountains
Glacier National Park & Wilderness Areas
Southwest Montana, West of Continental Divide
Big Hole - Southwest Montana, East of Continental Divide
Northern Front Range
West Central Montana
South Central Montana & Yellowstone National Park
Northern Plains & Missouri River Breaks
  Southern Montana (Big Horn/Powder River)
  Northeastern Montana & Northwestern North Dakota
  Southeastern Montana & Southwestern North Dakota
  Northeastern North Dakota
  Southeastern North Dakota
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