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The Southwest Geographic Area consists of Arizona, New Mexico, and Federal lands in West Texas and panhandle areas of Oklahoma. The Southwest Area hosts two Type 1 and four Type 2 interagency Incident Management Teams (IMTs). These teams are made up of members from each of the land management agencies, and individuals from state agencies,municipal and rural fire departments located throughout the Southwest.These teams manage high complexity incidents; the teams usually consist of the most experienced incident management personnel. Although their primary response is wildfire, the teams may respond to all-risk incidents such as hurricanes, floods, or other National emergencies.Type 1 teams may be called on year around per a national rotation. Type 2 teams typically remain available spring through late summer, and are assigned on a "closest forces" concept in the Southwest, as well as a rotation.

SWA Incident Management Teams

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Cooperating Federal and State Agencies in the Albuquerque Dispatch Area

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