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National Unit Identifiers
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AFR Download Files

Blue Button Intelligence Operations Support
        1. Applications Website
        2. Setting up an Account for SIT & 209 Access
    ICS-209 Support
        1. User's Guide
        2. Downloadable Form in .DOC format
        3. 2012 - When to Report a Wildland Fire Incident
                        (Description and Definition)
        4. 2012 - When to Report a Wildland Fire Incident
                       (Decision Flowchart)
    Sit Report Support
        1. User's Guide 

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    - Arizona Interagency Dispatch Center
    - Phoenix Interagency Fire Center
    New Mexico
    - Alamogordo Dispatch Center
    - Silver City Dispatch Center
    2012 Dispatch Center Fires/Acres Download

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Cooperating Federal and State Agencies in the Albuquerque Dispatch Area

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