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(Graphic) Northern Rockies Dispatch Zones Bitterroot Dispatch Zone Billings Dispatch Zone Coeur d'Alene Dispatch Zone Grangeville Dispatch Zone Kootenai Dispatch Zone Kalispell Dispatch Zone Missoula Dispatch Zone Great Falls Dispatch Zone Helena Dispatch Zone Dillon Dispatch Zone Lewistown Dispatch Zone Bozeman Dispatch Zone Miles City Dispatch Zone North Dakota Dispatch Zone
The Northern Rockies Area is divided into 14 Dispatch Zones for the purpose of coordinating initial attack response, ordering of additional resources when fires escape intial attack, and large incident support.
Click on an area in the map above to see more information about each Dispatch Center and the units it serves.

 BDC - Billings Interagency Dispatch Center
Location: Billings, MT Phone: (406) 896-2900
Units: Billings Field Office (MT-BID), Billings Fire Cache (MT-BFK), Billings Weather Service (MT-BLW), Custer-Gallatin National Forest (MT-CGF), Crow Agency (MT-CRA), Fort Peck Agency (MT-FPA), Little Bighorn Battlefield National Historic District (MT-LBP), Montana/Dakotas State Office (MT-MSO), Rocky Mountain Regional Office (MT-RMA), and Southern Land Office (MT-SOS)
 BRC - Bitterroot Dispatch Center (link to website)
Location: Hamilton, MT Phone: (406) 363-7133
Unit: Bitterroot National Forest (MT-BRF), Lee Matcalf National Wildlife Refuge (MT-LMR)
 BZC - Bozeman Interagency Dispatch Center (link to website)
Location: Bozeman, MT Phone: (406) 624-3830
Units: Bozeman Unit-Central Land Office (MT-CES), Custer-Gallatin National Forest (MT-CGF), Yellowstone National Park (WY-YNP)
 CDC - Coeur d'Alene Interagency Dispatch Center (link to website)
Location: Coeur d'Alene, ID  Phone: (208) 772-3283
Units: Cataldo Area Office (ID-CAS), Coeur d'Alene Fire Cache (ID-CDK), Coeur d'Alene Staff Office (ID-CDS), Coeur d'Alene Tribe (ID-CDT), Coeur d'Alene Field Office (ID-COD), Idaho Department of Lands (ID-IDS), Idaho Panhandle National Forests (ID-IPF), Kootenai Wildlife Refuge (ID-KOR), Kootenai Valley Area Office (ID-KVS), Mica Area Office (ID-MIS), Ponderosa Area Office (ID-PDS), Priest Lake Area Office (ID-PLS), Pend Oreille Area Office (ID-POS) and West St Joe Area Office (ID-SJS)
 DDC - Dillon Interagency Dispatch Center (link to website)
Location: Dillon, MT Phone: (406) 683-3975
Units: Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest (MT-BDF), Bighole National Battlefield (MT-BHP), Butte Field Office (MT-BUD), Dillon Unit-Central Land Office (MT-CES), Dillon Field Office (MT-DFD), Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site (MT-GKP), and Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge (MT-RLR)
 GDC - Great Falls Interagency Dispatch Center (link to website)
Location: Great Falls, MT Phone: (406) 731-5300
Units: Blackfeet Agency (MT-BFA), Benton Lake National Wildlife Refuge (MT-BLR), Central Land Office (MT-CES), Fort Belknap Agency (MT-FBA), Great Falls Weather Service (MT-GFW), Helena - Lewis and Clark National Forest (MT-HLF), and Rocky Boy Agency (MT-RBA)
 GVC - Grangeville Interagency Dispatch Center (link to website)
Location: Grangeville, ID Phone: (208) 983-6800
Units: Craig Mountain Area Office (ID-CMS), Clearwater Potlach Timber Protective Association (ID-CTS), Cottonwood Field Office (ID-CWD), Clearwater Area Office (ID-CWS), Maggie Creek Area Office (ID-MCS), Nez Perce - Clearwater National Forest (ID-NCF), Nez Perce National Historic Park (ID-NPP), and Nez Perce Tribe (ID-NPT)
 HDC - Helena Interagency Dispatch Center (link to website)
Location: Helena, MT Phone: (406) 449-5475
Units: Helena Unit-Central Land Office (MT-CES) and Helena - Lewis and Clark National Forest (MT-HLF)
 KDC - Kootenai Interagency Dispatch Center (link to website)
Location: Libby, MT Phone: (406) 283-7740
Units: Kootenai National Forest (MT-KNF) and Libby Unit-Northwest Land Office (MT-NWS)
 KIC - Kalispell Interagency Dispatch Center (link to website)
Location: Kalispell, MT Phone: (406) 758-5260
Units: Flathead National Forest (MT-FNF), Glacier National Park (MT-GNP), Kalispell Unit- Northwest Land Office (MT-NWS), Stillwater Unit-Northwest Land Office (MT-NWS), and Swan Lake Unit-Northwest Land Office (MT-NWS)
 LEC - Lewistown Interagency Dispatch Center
Location: Lewistown, MT  Phone: (406) 538-1072
Units: Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge (MT-BWR), Charles M Russell NWR-West Side (MT-CMR), Glasgow Weather Service (MT-GGW), Lewistown Field Office (MT-LED), Malta Field Office (MT-MAD), and Northeastern Land Office (MT-NES)
 MCC - Miles City Interagency Dispatch Center (link to website) 
Location: Miles City, MT Phone: (406) 233-2900
Units Dispatched: Charles M Russell NWR-East Side (MT-CMR), Ashland and Sioux Ranger Districts of the Custer-Gallatin National Forest (MT-CGF), Eastern Land Office (MT-EAS), and Miles City Field Office (MT-MCD), Medicine Lake National Wildlfe Refuge (MT-MLR), Northern Cheyenne Agency (MT-NCA), North Dakota Field Office (ND-NDD), South Dakota Field Office (SD-SDD),
 MDC - Missoula Interagency Dispatch Center (link to website)
Location: Missoula, MT Phone: (406) 829-7070
Units Dispatched: Flathead Agency (MT-FHA), Lolo National Forest (MT-LNF), Missoula Field Office (MT-MFD), Missoula Weather Service (MT-MSW), Montana Dept of Natural Resources and Conservation (MT-MTS), National Bison Range (MT-NBR), Northern Rockies Fire Cache (MT-NRK), Plains Unit, Northwest Land Office (MT-NWS), Northern Region (MT-R01), Missoula Fire Lab, RMRS (CO-RMRF), Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute (CO-RMRF), Southwestern Land Office (MT-SWS), Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center (DC-WOF) and Missoula Technology and Development Center (DC-WOF)
 NDC - North Dakota Interagency Dispatch Center (link to website)
Location: Bismark, ND Phone: (701) 989-7330
Units Dispatched: Audubon National Wildlife Refuge (ND-ADR), Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge (ND-AWR), Bismark Weather Service (ND-BMW), Crosby Wetland Management District (ND-CDR), Chase Lake National Wildlife Refuge (ND-CLR), Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge (ND-DLR), Dakota Prairie National Grasslands (ND-NPF), Devil's Lake National Wildlife Refuge (ND-DVR), Fort Berthold Agency (ND-FBA), Fort Totten Agency (ND-FTA), Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site (ND-FUP), Garrison Dam National Fish Hatchery (ND-GDR), Grand Forks Weather Service (ND-GFW), International Peace Gardens (ND-IPP), J. Clark Salyer National Wildlife Refuge (ND-JCR), Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site (ND-KRP), Lake Ilo National Wildlife Refuge (ND-LIR), Long Lake National Wildlife Refuge (ND-LLR), Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge (ND-LWR), North Dakota Forest Service (ND-NDS), Sullys Hill National Wildlife Refuge (ND-SHR), Turtle Mountain Agency (ND-TMA), Theodore Roosevelt National Park (ND-TRP), Upper Souris National Wildlife Refuge (ND-USR), Valley City Wetland Management District (ND-VCR) and Valley City National Fish Hatchery (ND-VFR)
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