• Snow covered mountains
  • Smoke column from a timber fire
  • Firecrew hiking in to a fire
  • Lightning at sunset
  • Flame front in sagebrush

Policy and Guides

CIC Dispatch Guides
Salmon, ID City Guide CIC SOP
Expanded Dispatch Plan CIC Aircraft SOP
Fire Management Plans
Salmon-Challis Fire Management Plan Salmon-Challis Fire Operating Guide
Great Basin Mobilization Guide
Cover Chapter 60: Overhead/Crews
Preface Chapter 70: Equipment / Supplies
Table of Contents Chapter 80: Aircraft
Chapter 10: Objectives Chapter 90: Search and Rescue
Chapter 20: Administrative Supplement 1: IMT Operating Plan
Chapter 30: Organization Supplement 2: CISM
Chapter 40: Cooperation Supplement 3: Field S-420 Guidelines
National Products
National Mob Guide NIFC
Fire and Aviation Standards (Red Book) NWCG Publications