• Snow covered mountains
  • Smoke column from a timber fire
  • Firecrew hiking in to a fire
  • Lightning at sunset
  • Flame front in sagebrush

Equipment and Supplies

Contract Equipment Resources and References
Where to Begin Virtual Incident Procurement (VIPR)
Vendor Support US Small Business Administration (SBA)
DUNS System System for Award Management
FedBizOpps NIFC Contracting Page
Dispatch Priority Lists (DPL)  
Service and Supplies
National Interagency Support Caches NFES Catalog (parts 1 & 2)
GBCC Equipment and Supplies Great Basin Cache
Incident Communications National Logistics
Central Idaho Fire Cache
Central Idaho Cache SOP CIK Preseason Order Form
OF - 315 Incident Replacement Requisition - Example CIK Water Handling Trailer Inventory
OF - 315 Incident Replacement Requisition Form CIK Incident Supply Trailer Inventory
OF - 289 Property Loss or Damage Form