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  1. Border Fire Response Protocol
  2. Emergency Mutual Assistance Operating Plan     |     Signature Page
           - Agreement Signed between SEZ, USDA, USDI, Mexican NF Commission)
           - For Fire Response Personnel Crossing into Mexico
      1. Mitigation and Assessment Form  (PDF)
      2. Risk Assessment Matrix
      3. Border Emergency Crossing Flowchart
  3. Borderland Safeguards
           - Bureau of Land Management - Arizona
  4. International Border Watchouts / Border Risk Areas, Pocket Card (FSWeb - USFS Intranet Site)  (Cannot be posted to the public site.)
  5. Personal Safety of Federal Land Management Field Employees Working Along the Mexican Border  
           - USFS - Missoula Technology and Development Program (MTDC)
  6. Working Along the United States - Mexico Border (DVD - #0823 2D11)
           - Available from Missoula Technology (MTDC)
           - Select Title, insert "Working Along the United States-Mexico Border" (include quotations) in the search block.
    • Borderland Field Work - Interagency Safety Training Guide
      -Accompanying Guide to DVD# 0823 2D11
      -Available from the Tonto National Forest Safety Office (602.225.5363)
      -Please leave your name, phone number, address, and how many copies you would like to request.
  7. Working Along the United States - Mexico Border - WebLinks (PDF)