Mobilizing incident resources throughout the Great Basin and nationwide.

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When the GBA Preparedness Level rises to the Level of 4 or above, the GBCG will convene as the Geographic Area Mutli-agency Coordinating Group (GMAC) . In this role, the GMAC will prioritize incidents for the purpose of allocating critical wildland fire resources.

MAC Plan

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F.A.S.T. Reports

A.S.A.T. Reports


Preparedness Levels

  • GBCC
  • NICC
  • 2
  • 2

GB Team Fires

  • Trail Mountain
    T-2 Team 4 - Roide  /  14429 acres
  • Upper Colony
    T-3 NV SFC Team - Fraser  /  1202 acres

GB Large Fires

  • Sauls
  • 190 acres
  • Willow Creek
  • 1311 acres
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