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    • In order to obtain access to the FTP.NIFC.GOV / SOUTHWEST site, a "NESS Application Portal (NAP)" account may or may not be required.

      • NAP NOT REQUIRED:  If you only need to "DOWNLOAD or VIEW" incident data from the GACC Incidents folder, you DO NOT need a NAP account... simply go to: GACC Incidents (SW Folder) - (This link can also be found on the Intelligence page.)

      • NAP REQUIRED:  If you will be "UPLOADING" incident data to the GACC Incidents folder AND/OR you will be "DOWNLOADING and/or UPLOADING" IAP's to the GACC Support folder, you will need a NAP Account (i.e. User Name and Password - See Step 1 below). 

      • Additional information on the FTP Program and Requirements, please review the "FTP - Change Management" document.


    • STEP 1: "NAP" ACCOUNT:
      • What is NAP?  The NESS Application Portal (NAP) is used to manage user accounts for multiple applications (i.e. ROSS, WIMS, e-ISuite Enterprise, InciWeb, etc... and now FTP).  NOTE:  You only need a NAP account if you will be uploading to the GACC Incident Specific folder ---- or ---- viewing/downloading/uploading to the GACC Support folder.

        • a. For users WITH a current NAP Account, you will need to request associating your NAP User Name/password to the new FTP site.

          • To do this, login to NAP, go to "Manage Account," click "Manage (yourname)," and request a "F&AM-FTP (Standard)" application.
          • When finished, go to Step 2 below.

        • b. For users WITHOUT a NAP Account, you will need to create a NAP account.

          • To do this, go to the NAP Applications Website," click on the "+ Request User Account" button in the upper-right corner of the NAP website and complete the application process requesting a "F&AM-FTP (Standard)" application.
          • PLEASE NOTE: Select a "Standard" account.  DO NOT request a "Privileged" account.
          • When finished, go to Step 2 below.

      • Once a NAP account is established, access to FTP.NIFC.GOV requires approval by the GACC Approver.

        • To accomplish this, you will need to complete the:

          • SWCC Online Approval Request Form

            • Once the form is submitted, the GACC Approver will forward your request to NIFC for associating your NAP account to the proper FTP - Group and entry into the national database.