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  • In order to be approved for access to the Southwest & National sections of FTP.NIFC.GOV site, you MUST have be assigned to a unit (or an AD) from the Southwest Area and have an Active IROC account.  We verify all accounts with the IROC program.
  • Once the form is received in SWCC, please allow 24-48 hours for the form to be approved at SWCC and processed by the National FTP Team for entry into the National FTP Access Database.


Name:   *
Unit:   *
(Contractors: enter company name.
AD's: enter Sponsoring Dispatch Center. )
E-mail Address:   *
Please provide a ".gov or .state" email address, or the address currently in the IROC program.
Have you updated your iNAP account to include "F&AM-F&AM?"  *

No   Yes

  • If "No,"
    • Sign in" to your iNAP account,
    • Click on the "Welcome, your name,"
    • Select "Request app access and roles"
    • Click dropdown for "Application access" and select "F&AM-F&AM"
    • Click dropdown for "Instance(s)" and select "Standard"
    • Enter work Supervisor (or IMT Supervisor) for contact person.
  • If "Yes,"
    • Enter your user name below.
    • NOTE: If you have applied for a NAP account, but have not received approval please enter "New Account" in this block.

GACC Incidents:   *  
  • I need access to the "GACC Incidents" folder in order to "UPLOAD" GIS and/or other Incident related files for an IMT or Unit?

No   Yes

GACC Support:   *  
  • I need access to the "GACC Support" folder in order to "UPLOAD and/or VIEW/DOWNLOAD" IAP's and/or other sensitive related files to this folder?

No   Yes

Other GACC Access:   *  
  • I will need access to the same folder(s) in other Geographic Areas?

No   Yes

Access Request:   *  
  • I am requesting on behalf of:
IMT (Includes ACT / NIMO / T1-T3 IMT) -
I am a member of the following IMT:

My position on the IMT is:
  Dispatch Center
Please enter dispatch center name:
  Other  -
Please enter business case (i.e. GISS Training, PLAN/SITL/GISS-assigned to the following incident, etc):


  • I would like to request access to the USFS AVENZA Mapping Program?
No   Yes

In order to reduce the potential for spam, please type    SWCCFTP   into the below block before
clicking the "SUBMIT" button.


(Data retrieved via this form is not used for any purpose other than to verify the individual is active in the IROC program.)