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VICC is the interagency focal point for mobilization of resources from the DOI Bureau of Land Management, US Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, USDA US Forest Service, and the Commonwealth of Virginia State Forestry.

The purpose of the VICC is to manage the mobilization of wildland firefighting resources throughout the country in support of wildfire, prescribed fire, law enforcement and other all-risk incidents for the Virginia Multi-Agency Coordination Group (VMAC) and wildland fires for the USDA US Forest Service. The Virginia Multi Agency Coordination Group Board of Directors is made up of representatives from the Blue Ridge Parkway NPS, Shenandoah NPS, Great Dismal Swamp F&WS, George Washington & Jefferson NF and the Virginia State Forestry. The VMAC advises the VICC on matters of wildland fire management and cooperation. To support incident management personnel, the Center provides predictive service products such as fire danger, intelligence, and weather.

Please note, the primary audience for the information provided on the VICC website is the active wildland firefighting community for the purpose of planning and strategical operations. As such, this site is not designed to be the primary general wildland fire information website (see Site Disclaimer) for the VICC Area.  Each agency located within the boundaries of the VICC area that has their own established site can be found via the VICC Cooperators page or on the leftside menubar.