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Rawlins Interagency Dispatch Center is a division of the Bureau of Land Management's High Desert District. The Center is located in Rawlins, Wyoming. The High Desert District covers approximately 21 million acres, 48% of which is land owned by the Federal Government (approximately 10 million acres).

We provide dispatching services to six counties, four Bureau of Land Management Field Offices, the State of Wyoming, Wyoming State Forestry, the National Park Service and the Fish and Wildlife Service.

Our staff is made up of a Center Manager and an Assistant Center Manager, both of whom are year-round, and two permanent seasonal dispatchers. The staff is supplemented during the busy summer months by seasonal dispatchers and this year we had two seasonal dispatchers and a student hire.

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To report a wildfire in Southern Wyoming call 1-800-295-9953

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Rawlins Interagency Dispatch Center
1300 North 3rd Street, PO Box 2407
Rawlins, Wyoming 82301
800-295-9953 office
307-328-4229 fax