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Initial Attack Support Service & Supply Plan (Password Protected)
Latitude & Longitude Converter (Street Address) Section 1: Agency Operating Guide and Contacts
Official time     •HDD Incident Business Operating Guidelines
      •Roles and Responsibilities
Extended Attack Support     •Agency Information & Contacts
Hotel & Motel List     •AD's and Local Overhead Support
Restaurants     •Casual Hire Information
Directions to Rawlins BLM Field Office (NEW)     •Incident Behavior Rules
Directions to Rawlins Helibase/SEAT Base (NEW) Section 2: Vendor Listing - IBPAs & EERAs
Directions to Rock Springs BLM Field Office (NEW)     •VIPR - Dispatch Priority Lists (DPL)
Position Codes     •National Dispatch SOG for Contracted Resources
      •RMA VIPR Ordering Guide
Program Support     •Region 2 Contracting Officer Listing
WildCAD Support (Password Protected)     •Local EERAs
IRWIN Support (Password Protected)     •RMA Plotter SuppliesIBPA
      •RMA Wireless Services IBPA
QR Codes     •EERA and IBPA Method of Hire
RWC QR Codes Section 3: Vendor Listing - Open Market
Frequencies QR Codes     •Vendor List (Excel)
  Section 4: Emergency Information
Travel Information     •Emergency Response Plan
Travelport View Trip Section 5: Local Cache Information
      •Rock Springs Cache Supplies
Aviation Support     •Rock Springs Communications Trailer
CO-WIMS (Colorado Wildfire Information Management System)     •Rawlins Cache Supplies
      •Type 3 Cache Trailer
      •Pinedale Cache Supplies
  Section 6: Additional Information
      •Supplemental Food and Drinks Guidance
      •Incident Business Links
      •Rocky Mountain Area Incident Buisness Management
      •Wyoming State Forestry Incident Buisness Management
      •RMA Fire Procurement Google Drive Instructions
      •Forms - Fire and Incident Support Information Bulletin
      •Forms - Letter to Potential Vendors
      •Forms - Emergency Meal Agreement
      •Forms - Mobile Food & Shower Service Request Form
      •Forms - Meal Size & Requirement Guidelines
      •Forms - Land Use Forms
      •Forms - NWCG Standards and Best Practices for Incident Rental Vehicles

To report a wildfire in Southern Wyoming call 1-800-295-9953

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