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Aviation Reports, Forms, Etc
  Update RMCC Tactical Aviation Report (Password Protected)
  GBCC Tactical Aviation Report
  Sunrise/Sunset Table for Montrose, CO
  NIROPS - IR Scanner Orders (Password Protected)
  IR Request Form (fillable)
  Aircraft Knee Board Request Form
  MMA Request Form
  Aircraft Flight Strip Request Form (fillable)
  Smokejumper Status Report
  Helicopter Daily Manifest
Aviation Project Safety Plan
  All projects require an aviation safety plan prior to any aviation activity ocurring. If you have a project requiring aviation:
  • DOI (BLM/NPS) call Randy Chappell at 970-240-5373
  • Forest Service call Forest FMO at 970-874-6619
Aviation Guides
  CFR Title 14, Aeronautics and Space
  DOI Aviation Management Manual
  FS Flight Operations Handbook
  Interagency Aerial Ignition Guide
  Interagency Helicopter Operations Guide (IHOG)
  Interagency SEAT Operations Guide (ISOG)
  Interagency Aerial Supervision Guide
  Interagency Smokejumper Operations Guide (ISMOG)
  Interagency Air Space Coordination Guide
Aviation Contracts
  National Retardant Requirements Contract
  AMD 23E
Air Navigation
  Automated Flight Following (Password Protected)
  FAA Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR's)
  Defense Internet NOTAM Service (DINS)
  Airport Identifiers from AirNav
  Airport/FBO Directory from AC-U-KWIK
  Air Distance Calculator (need start/end Lat/Long)
Aviation Safety
Georeferenced Hazard/Ownership Maps (password protected)
Other Links
  USFS Aviation Management
  DOI Aviation Management
  BLM Aviation Management
  NPS Aviation Management
  US Fish & Wildlife Aviation Management
  Aviation Management Directorate (AMD)
  Calculate Sunrise/Sunset Times for 1 Year
  Calculate Sunrise/Sunset Times for 1 Day
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